Thai women 3,4,5

  1. how did cash impact migration
    cash represented powerful standards of maternial sucess. it was said you have thansmay status if you had cash
  2. who was considered to be the villiage illete
    teachers, police, and goverment clerks
  3. what type of rice did they like?
    heavy, sticky white rice
  4. rice is related to idenity by
    they identified themselves as wet rice farmbers beucase they had a product of peoples labor or an object of physical and spiritual consumption.
  5. how is rice related to rituals?
    rice offerings were an important part of rituals
  6. define Bun Khun
    the children must have life long respect and active assistance. the children owe their parents respect and material support
  7. who could earn merit
    the men could by becoming a monk before marriage
  8. the two potential selves
    good daughter and modern women
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Thai women 3,4,5
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