Q4 Science Vocab List 1

  1. ecology
    the scientific study of how living things interact with each other and their enviorment
  2. ecosystem
    all living things and nonliving things that interact in a particular environment
  3. biotic
    all living things in an ecosystem
  4. abiotic
    a nonliving physical or chemical part of an ecosystem
  5. producer
    organism that captured energy from nonliving things (i.e. the sun) and turns it into chemical energy; also called autotrophs
  6. consumer
    living thing that gets energy by eating other living things in a food chain; also called heterotrophs
  7. decomposer
    organism that feeds on and breaks down dead plant or animal matter
  8. scavenger
    consumer that feeds on dead animals
  9. food chain/food web
    model used to show feeding relationships in an ecosystem
  10. energy pyramid
    model that shows the amount of energy available to living things in an ecosystem
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