1. Things to remember when teaching wheelchair mobility
    • Explain in simple terms, demonstrate
    • use hand over hand assistance
    • need to incorporate forward, backward, left and right turns, negotiating obstacles including burs ramps doors and other environmental obstacles
    • smooth and rough terrain
  2. Curbs
    • Ascend forward
    • Desend Backwards: use hips to comtrol chair, use push handles and tipping lever to lower chair
  3. Pushing a Pt threw a door
    • Doors open toward you: use foot to hold door open as you pull pt through
    • Door opens away from you: hold open and pull pt threw
  4. Para Ramp
    • Ascending: slide hips forward in chair, lean forward and push equally with both hands
    • Desend Forward: Position hips to rear of chiar and maintain erect trunk slow down momentum by apllying equal friction with palms of hands on handrims...keep fingers extended
  5. Hemi Ramps
    • Ascend forward: Slide hips forward in chiar lean forward and use one UE and one LE in same manner as on levels.
    • Ascend Backward: trunk is erect, use one UE and one LE, pull back with arm and push with LE
    • Descend: need to use one palm and one foot to slow down. Really hard
  6. Doors
    • Open outward: face door, angle toward the latch
    • Open inward: angle toward the hinge
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