1. Level of Assist
    • Independent
    • Stand by Assist: SBA needs someone close by for safety or to provide verbal cues
    • Light Contact: LCA needs someone touching the pt ofr safety or to provide verbal cues
    • Min: pt performs 75% or more of the effort
    • Mod: pt performs 50% of the effort
    • Max: pt performs 25% or less of effort
    • Dependent: pt unable to assist in anyway. One or more caregivers provide 100% of effort
  2. Weight Bearing Restrictions
    • NWB: non-weight bearing
    • TWB: tough weight bearing
    • PWB: partial weight bearing - may be a designated # or % of body weight
    • WBAT: weight bearing as tolerated, within pain limits
  3. Special Considerations for Total Hip
    • Avoid flexion >90, adduction, IR, extension beyond neutal
    • Long sit method for supine to/from sit
    • Dont lean forward for sit - stand
    • When moving stand to sit extend operated leg infront
    • Respect WB restrictions
  4. Special Considerations for Low back trauma or discomfort
    • Log roll to move supine to/from sit
    • Bend knees place pillow between kness
    • Avoid excessive lumbar rotation, sidebending, and flexion
    • Legs/trunk need to move at the same times
    • Warn pt prior to movement
    • Move slowly
  5. Special Considerations for Spinal Cord Injuries
    • Avoid Distracting and rotational forces
    • Do not pull downward on extremities
    • Do bilateral rather than unilateral extremity movements
    • Logroll. Use the recommended braces/ supports when in an upright position
    • Monitor BP and sigsn/ symptoms for hypotension/ autonomic dysreflexia
  6. Special Considerations for Burn Pt
    • avoid creating sheer forces acress the would or graft site
    • avoid sliding
    • pain may influence the level of assist needed
  7. Special Considerations for Hemiplegia
    • Use extreme caution with the hemi shoulder, support UE at all times
    • Do not pull of UE or use the axilla for support
    • Be awre of potential sensory deficits
    • Sitting balance and general body awareness is oftern decreased therefore pt needs to be monitored closely once upright
  8. Transfers Progression
    • hoyer
    • Quad
    • PSP or squat pivot
    • Stand Pivot
    • Indep

    • PARA: hoyer
    • quad
    • sliding board
    • sitting I lateral
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