National Security - Physical Ocean

  1. which current brings cold, nutrient-rich water from the Southern Ocean up the west coast of South America?
    Humbolt Current
  2. what % of the world’s fish catch comes from the Humboldt Current’s large marine ecosystem?
  3. which current supplies relatively warm water to the coast of Alaska and western Canada?
    Japan Current
  4. which current carries this surface water relatively rapidly toward the poles?
    Gulf Stream or North Atlantic Current
  5. what % of the international trade moves into and out of the United States by ship?
    Ninety five percent (95%)
  6. what % of the world's trade is carried on the ocean?
    more than 90%.
  7. why is unrestricted and efficient ocean-based trade is vitally important to the global economy?
    because 90% of the world's trade occurs on the ocean.
  8. what causes tsunamis?
    The sudden shift in deep ocean plates cause with earthquakes at sea which produce tsunamis.
  9. what is the effect that causes cyclones to spin counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere, and clockwise in the southern hemisphere, the same direction that water flows down a drain?
    The “Coriolis Effect”
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National Security - Physical Ocean
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