Selected Disorders

  1. Mental Retardation
    If present, always diagnosis . Must have significantly sub-average intelligence and deficits in adaptive functioning. Onsent prior to age 18 after 18 diagnosed as Dementia. Must have IQ of 70 or below on a IQ test. The disorder slightly more common in males.

    • Borderline Intellectual Functioning: IQ 71-84 Code on Axis II
    • Mild: IQ 50-55 to approximately70
    • Moderate: IQ 35-40 to 50-55
    • Severe: IQ 20-25 to 35-40
    • Profound: IQ below 20-25

    All IQ score can have a margin of error, equivalent to a five-point overlap.
  2. Mild
    (50-55) 55-70 educable, able to perform at 6th grade level, can use minimal assistance may need some supervision and guidance, live in community or in supervised settings.
  3. Moderate
    (35-40) 35-55 (50-55), considered trainable, able to perform at 2nd grade level, with moderate supervision can attend to their own personal care, can perform unskilled or semi-skilled work, can live in the community.
  4. Severe
    (20-25) 20-35, (35-40) gernerally institutionalized, have little or no communicative speech, possible group home.
  5. Profound
    below 20, generally total care
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