1984 Vocab Quiz 1

  1. Eddy
    a current or trend, as of opinion or events, running counterto the main current.
  2. balk
    to stop, as at an obstacle, and refuse to proceed or to dosomething specified (usually followed by at ): He balked atmaking the speech.
  3. vista
    a view or prospect, especially one seen through a long,narrow avenue or passage, as between rows of trees orhouses.
  4. corrugated
    to draw or bend into folds or alternate furrows and ridges.
  5. sordid
    morally ignoble or base; vile: sordid methods.
  6. alcove
    a recess or small room adjacent to or opening out of a room:a dining alcove
  7. archaic
    (of a linguistic form) commonly used in an earlier time butrare in present-day usage except to suggest the older time,as in religious rituals or historical novels. Examples: thou;wast; methinks; forsooth.
  8. furtive
    taken, done, used, etc., surreptitiously or by stealth; secret:a furtive glance.
  9. strident
    making or having a harsh sound; grating; creaking: stridentinsects; strident hinges.
  10. interminable
    monotonously or annoyingly protracted or continued;unceasing; incessant: I can't stand that interminable clatter.
  11. nebulous
    hazy, vague, indistinct, or confused: a nebulous recollectionof the meeting; a nebulous distinction between pride andconceit.
  12. adherent
    a person who follows or upholds a leader, cause, etc.;supporter; follower.
  13. orthodox
    of, pertaining to, or conforming to the approved form of anydoctrine, philosophy, ideology, etc.
  14. formidable
    of discouraging or awesome strength, size, difficulty, etc.;intimidating: a formidable problem.
  15. urbane
    reflecting elegance, sophistication, etc., especially inexpression: He maintained an urbane tone in his letters.
  16. hideous
    horrible or frightful to the senses; repulsive; very ugly: ahideous monster.
  17. defile
    to make foul, dirty, or unclean; pollute; taint; debase
  18. saboteur
    a person who commits or practices sabotage
  19. constrict
    to draw or press in; cause to contract or shrink; compress.
  20. plausible
    having an appearance of truth or reason; seemingly worthyof approval or acceptance; credible; believable: a plausibleexcuse; a plausible plot.
  21. advocacy
    the act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending; activeespousal: He was known for his advocacy of states' rights.
  22. parody
    a humorous or satirical imitation of a serious piece ofliterature or writing: his hilarious parody of Hamlet's soliloquy
  23. refute
    to prove to be false or erroneous, as an opinion or charge
  24. dupe
    a person who is easily deceived or fooled; gull.
  25. clandestine
    characterized by, done in, or executed with secrecy orconcealment, especially for purposes of subversion or deception;private or surreptitious: Their clandestine meetings wentundiscovered for two years.
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