Robotics Quiz

  1. How large is the school?
    1200 students
  2. How many students were on your BEST team?
    • 45 full
    • 15 parttime
  3. What involvement did each of the team members have?
    explain your involvement on the team
  4. What involvement did the mentors have?
    They guided the teams ideas, but did not make the final decisions
  5. Ask the team to describe the integral workings of their robot.
    Grabber is controlled by an internal pulley with prongs to get data from data port and able to push/pull the MRT. On the back is the Gadget Relocation Device that is also operated by the pulley to drop the gadgets into the Gadget Sorting Area. The large wheels allow for quick driving with the skids eliminating the need for 4 wheels
  6. Tell about your team's fund raising efforts at your school and in your community
    We asked local businesses to contribute donations ($25 to get on tshirt, $50 for a tshirt, $300 for advertising on the robot), presold tshirts, weekly bakesale, bagged for tips, yardasle, raffle, boston butt sale
  7. Were any attempts made to recruit other schools in your area for next year's competition?
    Several of our members provided refreshments and made a demonstration at the AP science teacher training at Auburn and we demonstrated the robot in the 21st century afterschool program at Wetumpka Middle School
  8. What were some ideas the the team had for the robot that they chose not to include in the final design?
    A claw for picking up the gizmos and the cones, squeegee device
  9. What have they learned about working as a team through this process?
    It's better to take the ideas of every team member than go with one person's design
  10. What have they learned about engineering or science from this process?
    the process of engineering and how to find requirements. designs can continually be be modified and improved
  11. How would you change your design process if you were starting over again?
    Think simple instead of overly complex
  12. Was the majority of the work done during or after class?
    After. The class periods are extremely short
  13. How many people are on your BEST team?
    45 total, 26 returning, 15 parttime. Business 41, 15 engineering
  14. Describe the team's strategy for scoring points
    dock the MRT, collect as many gadgets as possible, recall the loaded MRT, if time allows go for more gadgets
  15. Tell about your publicity efforts with other schools or in your community
    a video was made by our team and it was shown around the school. our team was also featured in several news articles, team website, youtube, facebook, and twitter
  16. How many schools did your team, mentor this year?
    Many at the UAB training session, Redland Elementary
  17. What is your understanding of the goals behind BEST?
    BEST wants to fill the gaps created by retiring engineers by getting middle and high school students interested in math and science
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