stress test

  1. What is stress?
    our body's mental and physical response to change
  2. Without stress we couldn't ____.
  3. What are the two kinds of stress?
    • Eustress- promotes growth and accomplishments
    • Distress- negative stress
  4. Why do teens make bad decisions?
    Their prefrontal cortex (frontal lobe of your brain that controls impulsivity and decision making) isn't fully developed until their 20s.
  5. What are the 3 stages of stress response?
    • Alarm
    • Resistance
    • Exhaustion
  6. What happens during the alarm stage?
    • adrenalin is released
    • fight or flight reaction
    • high levels of cortisol (stress hormone) is released during fight or flight response
  7. What happens during the resistance stage?
    the body has acted to the stressor, adjusted, and will then return to homeostasis
  8. What happens during the exhaustion stage?
    • if the stressor continues, the body is worn down and can no longer fight off the stressor
    • stressor must occur for a long period of time
  9. What are the symptoms of stress?
    • higher blood pressure
    • suppressed immune system
    • increased risk of heart attack or stroke
    • vulnerable to anxiety or depression
  10. What are five things that influence a person's stress tolerance level?
    • your support network
    • your sense of control
    • your attitude and outlook
    • your knowledge and preparation
    • your ability to deal with your emotions
  11. What is the ultimate stress reliever?
  12. What are some common examples of stressors?
    • alarm clock
    • school projects and tests
    • fights with family and friends
  13. What are the three main causes of stress?
    • excersize
    • diet
    • sleep
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