chapter 3

  1. what is population density?
    the measure of the number of people in a given area
  2. explain landfills. why do tey have liners?
    • a site for disposal of waste materials
    • liners:keep toxic chemicals from seeping into groundwater
  3. explain renewable natural resources give an ex.
    • a resource that can use over and over again.
    • wood,sun,water
  4. explain nonrenewable natural resource give an ex.
    • resources that connot be replaced or replnished fast enough.
    • coal,petroleum(oil),natural gas
  5. explain pollutant
    a substance that makes air,water,and land harmful to life
  6. what are the 2 main types of pollution we talked about? give details for each type
    • air and water pollution
    • air-caused from vehicles,power plants, and factories
    • water-caused by chemical run-off,farm fields,oil spills, and erosion.
  7. explain exstinction. how many species go exstinct each year?
    • when a specie is no longer living
    • aboout 100 each year
  8. wha consequences would come from from clear cutting a forest?
    it would take away available food,space, and shelter
  9. explain biodiversity. why is it healthy for an ecosystem? how can we preserve biodiversity?
    • the number and variety of life forms with in an ecosystem
    • the greater the biodiversity the more easily an ecosystem can recover
    • cities can protect natural habitats and conserve resources
  10. explain conservation.
    the process of saving or protecting and conserve resources
  11. explain organic farms
    farms that use natural pest controls and fertilizers
  12. explain fuel cells
    they can power cars without gasoline
  13. list and explain alternative energy sources
    • geothermal energy- uses heat from earth
    • wind energy- uses energy from wind to turn tubines
    • hydropower/electric energy-uses energy from flowing water
    • tidal energy- uses energy from tides
    • nuclear energy-uses energy from splitting up atoms
  14. explain sustainable. list ex. of sastainable practices
    • sustsainable refers to the ways that humans can use up resources without using them up.humans who live sustainbly reduce the impact they have on the enviroment
    • ex.
    • bike or walk
    • use energy efficient appliances
    • add insulation turn heat down in winter opposite in summer
    • recycle
    • organic farming using alternative energy sources
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