1. gehen
    to go, went, gone

    going; goes
  2. sein
    to be, was, been

    being, is
  3. lesen
    to read, read, read

    reading, reads
  4. erzählen
    to tell, told, told

    telling, tells
  5. geschlagen
    to hit, hit, hit

    hitting, hits
  6. sagen
    to say, said, said

    saying, says
  7. sehen
    to see, saw, seen

    seeing, sees
  8. hören
    to hear, heard, heard

    hearing, hears
  9. kommen
    to come, came, come

    coming, comes
  10. essen
    to eat, ate, eaten

    eating, eats
  11. tun
    to do, did, done

    doing, does
  12. rufen, schreien
    to shout, shouted, shouted

    shouting, shouts
  13. zeigen, deuten
    to point, pointed, pointed

    pointing, points
  14. schauen
    to look, looked, looked

    looking, looks
  15. umarmen, herzen
    to hug, hugged, hugged

    hugging, hugs
  16. wünschen
    to want, wanted, wanted

    wanting, wants
  17. zupfen, nehmen
    to pick, picked, picked

    picking, picks
  18. sprechen
    to talk, talked, talked

    talking, talks
  19. schwimmen
    to swin, swam, swum

    swimming, swims
  20. genießen
    to enjoy, enjoyed, enjoyed

    enjoying, enjoys
  21. spielen
    to play, played, played

    playing, plays
  22. zuschauen, beobachten
    to watch, watched, watched

    watching, watchs
  23. fragen
    to ask, asked, asked

    asking, asks
  24. bekommen, erhalten, besorgen
    to get, got, got

    getting, gets
  25. finden
    to find, found, found

    finding, finds
  26. nehmen
    to take, took, taken

    taking, takes
  27. brechen
    to break, broke, broken

    breaking, breaks
  28. haben, besitzen
    to have, had, had

    having, has
  29. legen, setzen, stellen
    to put, put, put

    putting, puts
  30. benutzen, verwenden
    to use, used, used

    using, uses
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