HR Study Guide CH9

  1. career
    Series of work-related positions a person occupies throughout life.
  2. organization-centered career planning
    Career planning that focuses on identifying career paths that provide for the logical progression of people between jobs in an organization.
  3. career paths
    Represent employees' movements through opportunities over time.
  4. individual-centered career planning
    Career planning that focuses on an individual's responsibility for a career rather than on organizational needs.
  5. dual-career ladder
    System that alows a person to advance up either a management or a technical/professional ladder.
  6. repatriation
    Planning, training, and reassignment of global employees back to their home countries.
  7. development
    Efforts to improve employees' abilities to handle a variety of assignments and to cultivate employees' capabilities beyond those required by the current job.
  8. assessment centers
    Collections of instruments and exercises designed to diagnose individuals' development needs.
  9. job rotation
    Process of moving a person from job to job.
  10. sabbatical
    Time off the job to develop and rejuvenate oneself.
  11. management mentoring
    Relationship in which experienced managers aid individuals in the earlier stages of their careers.
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