HR Study Guide CH7

  1. selection
    The process of choosing individuals with the correct qualifications needed to fill jobs in an organization.
  2. placement
    Fitting a person to the right job.
  3. person/job fit
    Matching the KSAs of individuals with the characteristics of jobs.
  4. person/organization fit
    The congruence between individuals and organizational factors.
  5. selection criterion
    Characteristic that a person must possess to successfully perform work.
  6. predictors of selection criteria
    Measurable or visible indicators of selection criteria.
  7. correlation coefficient
    Index number that gives the relationship between a predictor variable and a criterion variable.
  8. concurrent validity
    Measured when an employer tests current employees and correlates the scores with their performance ratings.
  9. predictive validity
    Measured when test results of applicants are compared with subsequent job performance.
  10. realistic job preview
    Process through which a job applicant receives an accurate picture of a job.
  11. cognitive ability tests
    Tests that measure an individual's thinking, memory, reasoning, verbal, and mathematical abilities.
  12. physical ability tests
    Tests that measure an individual's abilities such as strength, endurance, and muscular movement.
  13. psychomotor tests
    Tests that measure dexterity, hand-eye coordination, arm-hand steadiness, and other factors.
  14. work sample tests
    Tests that require an applicant to perform a simulated task that is a specified part of the target job.
  15. situational judgment tests
    Tests that measure a person's judgment in work settings.
  16. structured interview
    Interview that uses a set of standardized questions asked of all applicnats
  17. behavioral interview
    Interview in which applicants give specific examples of how they have performed a certain task or handled a problem in the past.
  18. situational interview
    Structured interview that contains questions about how applicants might handle specific job situations.
  19. nondirective interview
    Interview that uses questions developed from the answers to previous questions.
  20. stress interview
    Interview designed to create anxiety and put pressure on applicants to see how they respond.
  21. panel interview
    Interview in which several interviewers meet with candidate at the same time.
  22. team interview
    Interview in which applicants are interviewed by the team members with whom they will work.
  23. negligent hiring
    Occurs when an employer fails to check an employee's background and the employee injures someone on the job.
  24. negligent retention
    Occurs when an employer becomes aware that an employee may be unfit for work but continues to employ the person, and the person injures someone.
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