1. What class of drug should not be used on patients with cardiac problems? Even a small # of these pills can make a person OD, and lead to death (even in a pt. w/o cardiac problems.
    Tricyclic antidepressants (eg. Elavil)
  2. This class of antidepressants, when given in LOW doses (10-50 mg) at bedtime for sleep, for diabetic foot pain, for fibromyalgia & other pain syndromes (don't have antidepressants effect). Antidepressant doses are 150-200 mg.
    Tricyclic antidepressants (eg. Elavil)
  3. This is a typical antipsychotic. Its MOA is blocking dopamine, alpha, serotonin, histamine receptors, minimally cholinergic receptors.

    Its major contraindication is PARKINSON'S DZ b/c it blocks dopamine
  4. What is a rx for dystonia? for akathesia? for tardive dyskinesia?
    • 1. Dystonia. Rx: antihistamines: benadryl, cogenten
    • 2. Akathisia: Rx: beta blockers, benzodiazepenes
    • 3. Tardive dyskinesia: Rx: No real rx. remove antipsychotics. Cautious when receiving antipsychotics in the future. Start at low dose.
  5. What are the side effects of antipsychotics? (11)
    • 1. EPS
    • 2. NMS (rare. in OD)
    • 3. anticholinergic
    • 4. orthostatic hypotension
    • 5. sedation
    • 6. neuroendocrine effects
    • 7. seizures
    • 8. sexual dysfunction
    • 9. dermatologic effects
    • 10. agranulocytosis
    • 11. severe dysrhythmias
  6. Benzodiazepenes are for....
    • 1. Sleep
    • 2. Anxiety
  7. Can antipsychotic drugs cause addiction?
  8. What atypical antidepressants that don't have sexual dysfunction side effect?
  9. What are some drugs to avoid when taking lithium?
    • 1. Diuretics - alter serum concentration of lithium
    • 2. NSAIDs
    • 3. Anticholinergics
  10. What is the treatment for benzodiazepines overdose? What is one thing we must be cautious about when giving that antidote?
    flumazenil (Romazicon) - but also antagonist of Narcan (the antidote for morphine)
  11. A patient has overdose on barbiturates. What are you going to do?
    No antidote = call for ventilators & supportive care
  12. What are the sx of acute barbiturates toxicity?
    • 1. respiratory depression
    • 2. coma
    • 3. pinpoint pupil
  13. What are some type of drugs to avoid when taking antipsychotics?
    • 1. anticholinergic drugs
    • 2. CNS depressants: alcohol, antihistamines, benzodiazepines, barbiturates
    • 3. Any drugs that increases dopamine: for Parkinson's (levadopa, dopamine -agonists)
  14. When giving Dilantin via IV, what should we be cautious about?
    GO SLOW SLOW SLOW b/c too fast can cause cardiovascular collapse

    Mix ONLY W/ NS & FLUSH WELL!!!!
  15. What antipsychotic is used for chronic hiccups?
  16. What is a common antipsychotic drug used for DT's? It is also a preferred drug for Tourette's syndrome
  17. Give a common brand name for Tricyclic Antidepressants
  18. What is SSRI's used for?
    A lot of things:

    • 1. Depression
    • 2. OCD
    • 3. PMDD (severe PMS)
    • 4. Bulimia nervosa
    • 5. Anxiety
  19. If your elderly pt. is on diuretics thiazide & the Dr. prescribes her w/ an SSRI, what should you watch out for?
  20. What's going to happen if you're thirsty & decide to drink a lot of water while you're taking lithium?
    Watch for hyponatremia because that can increases lithium toxicity
  21. Why should we avoid high protein diet & B6 in a pt. taking Sinemet?
    What are some examples of B6?
    Because they compete w/ levodopa for absorption in intestines --> less levadopa getting to the brain

    B6 = Oatmeal, meats
  22. What are the side effects of Sinemet?
    • 1. Psychosis: hallcucinations, vivid dreams, paranoia
    • 2. Orthostatic hypotension: change position slowly
    • 3. EPS: especially dyskinesia
    • 4. Dysrhythmias: notify MD if tachycardia, palpitations
    • 5. N/V
  23. What are the side effects of Aricept?
    • 1. GI (n/v, decreased appetite)
    • 2. Cholinergic side effects
    • 3. dizziness
    • 4. headache
    • 5. bronchoconstriction
  24. Because one of the side effects of Aricept is decreased appetite, n/v, what should you do as a nurse?
    Monitor for nutrition: give protein, calories count. If they're not eating well, give them shakes
  25. This is a new drug.
    It is better tolerated than cholinesterase inhibitors.
    It is an adjunct to Aricept
    It is indicated for moderate to severe AD
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