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    "Music- pink and blue #2"

    • Georgia O’Keeffe
    • 1919

    exhibits at 291 to display art (Alred Steiflat ?) and they married some time after they meet.

    visual harmony echos musical harmony.

    She abandons this style and takes up persisionism.
  2. Precisionism-
    Based on cubism- but it celebrates the industrialized quality of Amerircan life (beyond geometric and form focus)

    not completely decrunstructed

    no coherent group associated with this group

    city and the machine important asset of modern life. very simplified and clean just like machines.

    spacial discontinutities but with american themes.
  3. American Art before WWII
    • a new spirit in art in
    • the 1920's
    • never organized with a
    • common platform “cubo-realists” also called
    • art that is basically
    • descriptive but guided by geometric simplification stemming from
    • cubism
    • Demuth's “The figure
    • 5 in gold”
  4. Image Upload 2
    – The Figure 5 in Gold

    • Charles DeMuth: Precisionism
    • 1928

    • Portrait of American artists
    • posters related to dadaist
    • symbolic portraits
    • William Caslos Williams based on
    • a poem about a red fire engine with golden number 5
    • Was interested in advertising
    • signs as abstract beauty of their own
  5. Image Upload 3
    A Janitor Who Paints

    • Palmer Hayden
    • 1930

    • promote all the things they have accomplished in America 1920's

    "The New Negro" perpetuated by black people themselves. Promoting own positive self image. To cultivate pride and ratial tolerance.

    in home at work creating art like the baroque artists did (Dutch art style)

    more than a janitor but he was always refered to as a janitor
  6. Image Upload 4
    Early Sunday Morning Office at Night

    • Edward Hopper
    • 1930

    strange reference to the city- deserted street on a sunday morning- it is early based on light.

    muted stillness- not a norm urban busy setting
  7. Image Upload 5
    Migrant Mother

    • Dorothea Lange
    • 1936

    sentiment and feeling of the time. Strong woman who is taking care of her children

    after published the camp sees an influx of donations.
  8. Image Upload 6
    • Self-Portrait on the Border bet. Mexico
    • & the U.S. The Broken Colum

    • Frida Kahlo
    • 1932

    Frida bio- artist born to a mex mother and german father- identity

    married deigo rivera as a young woman

    anyone can relate to her imagery

    surrealist- biographical content but she never joins the surrealist movement

    victim of tragic accident- train trolly hit by a truck- multiple injuries including infertility, bedridden for a long time- she paints to pass time. She uses self portrait often because she used her self as a model to practice
  9. Image Upload 7
    Woman I

    • Willem de Kooning
    • 1950-52

    6 by 4 feet large woman looming before the viewer-
  10. Image Upload 8
    Male and Female

    • Jackson Pollock
    • 1942

    earlier work- not from his drip painting time- this was the first he intentionally uses this technique

    major influence reference to union psycho analysis- frued ideals of the unconscious that spans between all of us

    mathmatical calculations is what her body is made of

    both sides of his personality- bionary oppositions - need both to be a whole individual- this images is therapy to that
  11. Image Upload 9
    Number 1 or "Lavendar Mist"

    • JAckson Pollock
    • 1950

    drip painting process- not automatic but as an intimate and ritualistic translike performance like a dance
  12. Image Upload 10

    • Rothko
    • 1949
  13. Image Upload 11


  14. Image Upload 12
    Cubi Series

    • David Smith:
    • 1964
  15. Paranoic-Critical
  16. The
    Armory Show
    Major exhibition that inroduces american art to avante garde

    Feb 17-March 15 1913 MAJOR SHOW 1600 artworks from American and Europe artists MANY well known names

    hostile reception when it opened

    art changed after this show and percisionism was the new american movement the reponds to cubist aesthetics.
  17. The
    Harlem Renaissance
  18. Regionalism
    • Between stock market crash 1929 and the depression
    • fueled by nationalism and social consciousness

    avante garde styles and the cities of new york have moved away from traditional art
  19. Progress Administration
    • works progress administration
    • WPA-

    large scale projects that will give people jobs (hoove dam)

    artist were also unemployed so the government commissions murals and art for public display to lift them out of the depression

    Benton was one of these artists
  20. Mexican
    turn to realist style that is fused with their own native traditions.

    Mexico is an important country in the 20th century

    1910-1920 mexican ren
  21. Abstract
    conservative modes of expression by regionlists

    1st american movments that supports avante garde

    builds from the ground up- but but references euoripian art movements

    major because it is aided by the move from new york rather than paris being the city of the art movement

    • GESTURAL -
  22. Action
    gestural abstraction?
  23. Color
    Field Painting
    Chromatic abstraction
  24. Jungian psychoanalysis
  25. Formalism
  26. Clement
  27. Sublime
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