SAT Vocab #16-17

  1. acrimonious
    (adj) bitter in language or tone; rancorous
  2. atheist
    (n) one who denies the existence of God
  3. benediction
    (n) a blessing; the invocation of divine blessing
  4. copious
    (adj) abundant
  5. cupidity
    (n) avarice; greed
  6. distraught
    (adj) in a state of mental conflict or confusion; distracted
  7. dulcet
    (adj) pleasing to the ear; melodious
  8. eclectic
    (adj) consisting of selections from various sources; choosing the best from a number of sources
  9. immaterial
    (adj) insignificant; unimportant
  10. querulous
    (adj) peevish; faultfinding; expressing or suggestive of complaint
  11. retract
    (v) to draw back or draw in; to take back a statement; to promise or to offer
  12. risible
    (adj) capable of laughing or inclined to laugh; ridiculous
  13. untenable
    (adj) that which cannot be maintained or occupied; incapable of being defended or held
  14. voracious
    (adj) ravenous; greedy; gluttonous
  15. utilitarian
    (adj) pertaining to or associated with usefulness; stressing the value of practical or aesthetic qualities
  16. alacrity
    (n) cheerful willingness; eagerness, lively action
  17. bucolic
    (adj) characteristic of shepherds and flocks; pastoral; rural
  18. cursory
    (adj) without attention to details
  19. hackneyed
    (adj) used too often; trite; commonplace
  20. laconic
    (adj) brief or terse in speech; using few words
  21. lugubrious
    (adj) mournful or feigned sorrow
  22. placate
    (v) to soothe; to pacify
  23. promiscuity (n)
    lack of discrimination in sexual endeavors
  24. propinquity
    (n) nearness or closeness
  25. raconteur
    (n) a person skilled at telling stores or ancecdotes
  26. rudimentary
    (adj) elementary, basic
  27. soporific
    (adj) causing sleep; drowsy
  28. vitiate
    (v) to corrupt, spoil, or contaminate
  29. writhe
    (v) to twist or squirm, as in pain; to suffer from shame or shyness
  30. zenith
    (n) the point in the sky directly above one; the highest point
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