1. Antagonize
    To annoy or provoke to anger

    Syn: clash, conflict, incite, irritate, oppose, pester, provoke, vex
  2. Attenuate
    To reduce in force or degree; weaken

    Syn: debilitate, devitalize, dilute, enervate, enfeeble, rarefy, sap, thin, undermine, undo, unnerve, water, weaken
  3. Banal
    Predictable, cliche'd, boring

    Syn: bland, bromidic, cliche'd, commonplace, fatuous, hackneyed, innocuous, insipid, jejune, musty, platitudinous, prosaic, quotidian, shopworn, stale, stereotypic, threadbare, timeworn, tired, trite, vapid, worn-out
  4. Amulet
    Onament worn as a charm against evil spirits

    Syn: fetish, talisman
  5. Aggrandize
    To increase in power, influence, and reputation

    Syn: amplify, apotheosize, augment, dignify, elevate, enlarge, ennoble, exalt, glorify, magnify, swell, uplift, wax
  6. Coalesce
    To grow together to form a single whole

    Syn: amalgamate, blend, condese, consolidate, fuse, unite
  7. Coffer
    Strongbox, large chest for money

    Syn: treasury, chest, exchequer, war chest
  8. Cogent
    Convincing and well-reasoned

    Syn: Convincing, persuasive, solid, sound, telling, valid
  9. Collusion
    Collaboration, complicity, conspiracy

    Syn: Connivance, intrigue, machination
  10. Bombastic
    Pompous in speech and manner

    Syn: Bloated, declamatory, fustian, grandiloquent, grandiose, high-flown, magniloquent, orotund, pretentious, rhetorical, self-important
  11. Bifurcate
    To divide into two parts

    Syn: bisect
  12. Bevy

    Syn: Band, bunch, gang, pack, troop
  13. Belfry
    Bell tower, room in which a bell is hung

    Syn: Spire, steeple
  14. Axiom
    Premise, postulate, self-evident truth

    Syn: Adage, apothegm, aphorism, maxim, rule
  15. Bolster
    To support, prop-up

    Syn: Brace, buttress, crutch, prop, stay, support, sustain, underpinning, uphold
  16. Abstain
    To choose not to do something

    Syn: Forbear, refrain, with hold
  17. Alleviate
    To make more bearable

    Syn: Allay, assuage, comfort, ease, lessen, lighten, mitigate, palliate, relieve
  18. Contumacious

    Syn: Factious, insubordinate, insurgent, mutinous, seditious
  19. Callumny
    A false and malicious accusation, misrepresentation

    Syn: Defamation, libel, slander
  20. Apocryphal
    Of questionable authority or authenticity

    Syn: Disputed, doubtful, fictitious, fraudulent
  21. Capricious
    Changing one's mind quickly and often

    Syn: Arbitrary, chance, changeable, erratic, fickle, inconstant, mercurial, random, whimsical, willful
  22. Curmudgeon
    Cranky person, usually old

    Syn: Crab, coot, grouch
  23. Corroborate
    To support with evidence

    Syn: Authenticate, back, buttress, confirm, substantiate, validate, verify
  24. Cosset
    To pamper, treat with great care

    Syn: Cater to, cuddle, dandle, fondle, love, pamper, pet, spoil
  25. Ameliorate
    To make better, to improve

    Syn: Amend, better, improve, pacify, upgrade
  26. Ardor
    Intense and passionate feeling

    Syn: Devotion, enthusiasm, fervency, fervidity, fervidness, fervor, fire, passion, zeal, zealousness
  27. Archaic
    Ancient, old-fashioned

    Syn: Ancient, antediluvian, antique, archaic, bygone, dated, dowdy, fusty, obsolete, outdated, outmoded, passe', prehistoric, stale, superannuated, superseded, vintage
  28. Audacious
    Fearless and daring

    Syn: Adventuresome, aggressive, assertive, bold, brave, courageous, dauntless, doughty, gallant, game, heroic, intrepid, mettlesome, plucky, stout, stouthearted, unafraid, undaunted, valiant, valorous, venturesome, venturous
  29. Arbitrate
    To judge a dispute between two opposing parties

    Syn: Adjudge, adjudicate, determine, intermediate, intervene, judge, moderate, referee, rule
  30. Aberrant
    Deviating from what is normal or expected

    Syn: Abnormal, anomalous, deviant, divergent, errant, irregular
  31. Abase
    To humble, disgrace

    Syn: Demean, humiliate
  32. Cupididty
    Greed, strong desire

    Syn: Avarice, covetousness, rapacity
  33. Abjure
    To reject, abandon formally

    Syn: Forswear, recall, recant, retract, take back
  34. Anondyne
    Something that calms or soothes pain

    Syn: Narcotic, nepenthe, opiate
  35. Amortize
    To diminish by installment payments

    Syn: Conviviality
  36. Amalgamate
    To combine, to mix together

    Syn: Admix, blend, coalesce, combine, commingle, commix, compound, fuse, intermingle, intermix, merge, mingle, mix, unite
  37. Abdicate
    To give up a position, right, or power

    Syn: Cede, relinquish, resign, quit, yield
  38. Burnish
    To polish

    Syn: Buff, luster, scour
  39. Cabal
    A secret group seeking to overturn something

    Syn: Camp, circle, clan, clique, coterie, in-group, mafia, mob, ring
  40. Alacrity
    Speed or quickness

    Syn: Celerity, dispatch, haste, swiftness
  41. Abscond
    To leave secretly

    Syn: Decamp, escapre, flee
  42. Advocate
    To speak in favor of

    Syn: Back, champion, support
  43. Catalyst
    Something that brings about a change in something else

    Syn: Accelerator, goad, impetus, impulse, incentive, motivation, spur, stimulant
  44. Convoluted
    Intricate and complicated

    Syn: Byzantine, complex, elaborate, intricate, knotty, labyrinthine, perplexing, tangled
  45. Apathy
    Lack of interest or emotion

    Syn: Coolness, disinterest, disregard, impassivity, indifference, insensibility, lassitude, lethargy, listlessness, phlegm, stolidity, unconcern, unresponsiveness
  46. August
    Dignified, grandiose

    Syn: Admirable, awesome, grand, majestic
  47. Contrite
    Deeply sorrowful and repentant for a wrong

    Syn: Apologetic, regretful, remorseful
  48. Connoisseur
    A person with expert knowledge or discriminating taste

    Syn: Authority, epicure, expert, gastronome, gourmet
  49. Condone
    To overlook, pardon, or disregard

    Syn: Exculpate, excuse, pardon, remit
  50. Chauvinist
    Someone prejudiced in favor of a group to which he or she belongs

    Syn: Biased, colored, one-sided, partial, partisan, prejudicial, prepossessed, tendentious
  51. Chicanery
    Deception by means of craft or guile

    Syn: Artifice, conniving, craftiness, deception, deviousness, misrepresentation, pettifoggery, shadiness, sneakiness, sophistry, subterfuge, underhandedness
  52. Assuage
    To make something unpleasant less severe

    Syn: Allay, alleviate, appease, comfort, conciliate, ease, lighten, mitigate, mollify, pacify, palliate, placate, propitiate, relieve, soothe, sweeten
  53. Augury
    Prophecy, prediction of events

    Syn: Auspices, harbringer, omen, portent, presage
  54. Approbation
    Approval and praise

    Syn: Acclaim, adulation, applause, commendation, compliments, exalt, extol, hail, kudos, praise
  55. Apostate
    One who renounces a religious faith

    Syn: Defector, deserter, traitor
  56. Arbitrary
    Determined by chance or impulse

    Syn: Changeable, erratic, indiscriminate, random, wayward
  57. Cacophony
    Harsh, jarring noise

    Syn: Chaos, clamor, din, discord, disharmony, noise
  58. Castigate
    To punish or criticize harshly

    Syn: Admonish, chastise, chide, rebuke, reprimand, reproach, reprove, scold, tax, upbraid
  59. Articulate
    Able to speak clearly and expressively

    Syn: Eloquent, expressive, fluent, lucid, silver-tounged, smooth-spoken
  60. Blight
    To afflict, destroy

    Syn: Damage, plague
  61. Bonhomie
    Good-natured geniality, atmosphere of good cheer
  62. Candid
    Impartial and honest in speech

    Syn: Direct, forthright, frank, honest, open, sincere, straight, straightforward, undisguised
  63. Adulterate
    To make impure

    Syn: Debase, doctor, load
  64. Cartography
    Science or art of making maps

    Syn: Charting, surveying, topography
  65. Anomaly
    Deviation from what is normal

    Syn: Aberrant, aberration, abnormality, deviance, deviation, irregularity, preternaturalness
  66. Austere
    Severe or stern in appearance, undecorated

    Syn: Bleak, dour, grim, hard, harsh, severe
  67. Craven
    Lacking courage

    Syn: Fainthearted, spineless, timid
  68. Anachronism
    Something out of place in time

    Syn: Archaism, incongruity
  69. Declivity
    Downward slope

    Syn: Decline, descent, grade, slant, tilt
  70. Decorous
    Proper, tasteful, socially correct

    Syn: Appropiate, comme it faut, courteous, polite
  71. Abeyance
    Temporary suppression or suspension

    Syn: Deferral, delay, dormancy, postponement, remission
  72. Abyss
    An extremely deep hole

    Syn: Chasm, void
  73. Catholic
    Universal, broad and comprehensive

    Syn: Extensive, general
  74. Analgesia
    A lessening of pain without loss of consciousness
  75. Assail
    To attack, assault

    Syn: Beset, strike, storm
  76. Accretion
    A growth in size, an increase in amount

    Syn: Accumulation, buildup
  77. Abstemious
    Moderate appetite

    Syn: Abstinent, continent, self-restraining, sober, temperate
  78. Acidulous
    Sour in taste or manner

    Syn: Acerbice, acetous, biting, piquant, pungent, tart
  79. Bilk
    To cheat, defraud

    Syn: Beat, diddle, gyp, overreach
  80. Blithe
    Joyful, cheerful, or without appropriate thought

    Syn: Carefree, lighthearted, merry
  81. Caustic
    Biting in wit

    Syn: Acerbic, biting, mordant, trenchant
  82. Arrogate
    To claim without justification, to claim for oneself without right

    Syn: Appropiate, presume, take
  83. Cloying
    Sickly sweet, excessive

    Syn: Excessive, fulsome
  84. Circumspect
    Cautious, aware of potential consequences

    Syn: Alert, cautious, heedful, mindful, prudent, solicitous, vigilant, wary
  85. Burgeon
    To grow and flourish

    Syn: Bloom, prosper, thrive
  86. Antipathy
    Extreme dislike

    Syn: Abhorrence, animosity, animus, antagonism, aversion, dislike, enmity, hatred, hostility, loathing, repellence, repugnance, repulsion, revulsion
  87. Chaos
    Great disorder or confused situation

    Syn: Clutter, confusion, disarrangement, disarray, disorder, disorderliness, disorganization, jumble, mess, muddle, scramble, snarl, topsy-turviness, turmoil
  88. Abate
    To reduce in amount, degree, or severity

    Syn: Ebb, lapse, let up, moderate, relent, slacken, subside, wane
  89. Boor
    Crude person, one lacking manners or taste

    Syn: Clod, lout, oaf, vulgarian, yahoo
  90. Debutante
    Young woman making debut in high society

    Syn: Lady, maiden
  91. Credulous
    Too trusting, gullible

    Syn: Naive, susceptible, trusting
  92. Canard
    A lie

    Syn: Falsehood, falsity, fib, misrepresentation, prevarication, tale, untruth
  93. Cresendo
    Steadily increasing in volume or force

    Syn: Acme, capstone, climax, crest, culmen, culmination, meridian, peak
  94. Decorum
    Appropriateness of behavior or conduct, propriety

    Syn: Correctness, decency, etiquette, manners, mores, propriety, seemliness
  95. Coterie
    An intimate group of person with similar purpose

    Syn: Clique, set
  96. Ambiguous
    Doubtful or uncertain, can be interpreted several ways

    Syn: Cloudy, doubtful, dubious, equivocal, indeterminate, nebulous, obscure, unclear, vague
  97. Affected
    Phony, artificial

    Syn: Insincere, pretentious, put-on
  98. Aerie
    A nest built high in the air, an elevated, often secluded, dwelling

    Syn: Perch, stronghold
  99. Analogous
    Similar or alike in some way, equivalent to

    Syn: Comparable, corresponding, homogeneous, parallel, similar
  100. Acme
    Highest point, summit, the highest level or degree attainable

    Syn: Apex, peak, summit
  101. Aesthetic
    Concerning the appreciation of beauty
  102. Deface
    To mar the apperance of, vandalize

    Syn: Disfigure, impair, spoil
  103. Deference
    Respect, courtesy

    Syn: Homage, honor, obeisance, reverence, veneration
  104. Deleterious
    Subtly or unexpectedly harmful

    Syn: Adverse, inimical, injurious, hurtful
  105. Demagogue
    A leader or rabble-rouser, usually appealing to emotion or prejudice

    Syn: Agitator, inciter, instigator
  106. Demur
    To express doubts or objections

    Syn: Dissent, expostulate, kick, protest, remonstrate
  107. Deride
    To speak of or treat with contempt, to mock

    Syn: Gibe, jeer, mock, ridicule, scoff, sneer, taunt
  108. Dessicate
    To dry out thoroughly

    Syn: Dehydrate, dry, parch
  109. Desultory
    Jumping from one thing to another, disconnected

    Syn: Aimless, erratic, haphazard, indiscriminate, objectless, purposeless, random, stray, unconsidered, unplanned
  110. Diaphanous
    Allowing light to show through, delicate

    Syn: Gauzy, sheer, tenuous, translucent, transparent
  111. Diatribe
    An abusive, condemnatory speech

    Syn: Fulmination, harangue, invective, jeremiad, malediction, obloquy, tirade
  112. Dictum
    Authoritative statement

    Syn: Adage, apothegm, aphorism, decree, edict
  113. Diffident
    Lacking self-confident

    Syn: Backward, bashful, coy, demure, modest, retiring, self-effacing, shy, timid
  114. Dilate
    To make larger, expand

    Syn: Amplify, develop, elaborate, enlarge, expatiate
  115. Dilatory
    Intended to delay

    Syn: Dragging, flagging, laggard, lagging, slow, slow-footed, slow-going, slow-paced, tardy
  116. Dilettante
    Someone with an amateurish and superficial interest in a topic

    Syn: Amateur, dabble, superficial, tyro
  117. Dirge
    A funeral hymn or mournful speech

    Syn: Elegy, lament
  118. Disabuse
    To set right, free from error

    Syn: Correct, undeceive
  119. Discern
    To perceive or recognize

    Syn: Catch, descry, detect, differentiate, discriminate, distinguish, espy, glimpse, know, separate, spot, spy, tell
  120. Disparate
    Fundamentally different, entirely unlike

    Syn: Different, dissimilar, divergent, diverse, variant, various
  121. Dissemble
    To present a false appearance, to disguise one's real intentions or character

    Syn: Act, affect camouflage, cloak, counterfeit, cover up, disguise, dissimulate, fake, feign, mask, masquerade, pose, pretend, put on, sham
  122. Dissonance
    A harsh and disagreeable combination especially of sounds

    Syn: Clash, contention, discord, dissension, dissent, dissidence, friction, strife, variance
  123. Distaff
    The female branch of a family

    Syn: Maternal
  124. Distend
    To swell, inflate, or bloat

    Syn: Broaden, bulge
  125. Dither
    To act confusedly or without clear purpose

    Syn: Falter, hesitate, vacillate, waffle, waver
  126. Diurnal
    Existing during the day

    Syn: Daylight, daytime
  127. Divine
    To foretell or know by inspiration

    Syn: Auger, foresee, intuit, predict, presage
  128. Doctrinaire
    Rigidly devoted to theories without regard for practicality, dogmatic

    Syn: Dictatorial, inflexible
  129. Dogma
    A firmly held opinion, especially a religious belief

    Syn: Creed, doctrines, teaching, tenet
  130. Dogmatic
    Dictatorial in one's opinions

    Syn: Authoritarian, bossy, dictatorial, doctrinaire, domineering, imperious, magisterial, masterful, overbearing, peremptory
  131. Droll
    Amusing in a wry, subtle way

    Syn: Comic, entertaining, funny, risible, witty
  132. Dupe
    To deceive, a person who is easily deceived

    Syn: Beguile, betray, bluff, cozen, deceive, delude, fool, hoodwink, humbug, mislead, take in trick
  133. Dyspeptic
    Suffering from indigestion, gloomy and irritable

    Syn: Acerbic, melancholy, morose, solemn, sour
  134. Ebullient
    Exhilarated, full of enthusiasm and high spirits

    Syn: Ardent, avid, bubbly, zestful
  135. Eclectic
    Selecting from or made up from a variety of sources

    Syn: Broad, catholic, selective
  136. Edify
    To instruct morally and spiritually

    Syn: Educate, enlighten, guide, teach
  137. Efficacy

    Syn: Dynamism, efficiency, force, power, productiveness, proficiency, strength, vigor
  138. Effigy
    Stuffed doll, likeness of a person

    Syn: Dummy, figure, image
  139. Effrontery
    Impudent boldness, audacity

    Syn: Brashness, gall, nerve, presumption, temerity
  140. Elegy
    A sorrowful poem or speech

    Syn: Dirge, lament
  141. Eloquent
    Persuasive and moving, especially in speech

    Syn: Articulate, expressive, fluent, meaningful, significant, smooth-spoken
  142. Embellish
    To add ornamental or fictitious details

    Syn: Adorn, bedeck, elaborate, embroider, enhance, exaggerate
  143. Emulate
    To copy, to try to equal or excel

    Syn: Ape, imitate, simulate
  144. Encomium
    Warm praise

    Syn: Citation, eulogy, panegyric, salutation, tribute
  145. Endemic
    Belonging to a particular area, inherent

    Syn: Indigenous, local, native
  146. Enervate
    To reduce in strength

    Syn: Debilitate, enfeeble, sap, weaken
  147. Engender
    To produce, cause, or bring about

    Syn: Beget, generate, procreate, proliferate, reproduce, spawn
  148. Enigma
    A puzzle, a mystery

    Syn: Conundrum, perplexity
  149. Enumerate
    To count, list, or itemize

    Syn: Catalog, index, tabulate
  150. Ephemeral
    Lasting a short time

    Syn: Evancescent, fleeting, momentary, transient
  151. Epicure
    Person with refined taste in food and wine

    Syn: Bon vivant, connoisseur, gastronome, gastronomist, gourmand, gourmet
  152. Equivocate
    To use expressions of double meaning in order to mislead

    Syn: Ambiguous, evasive, waffling
  153. Erratic
    Wandering and unpredictable

    Syn: Capricious, inconstant, irresolute, whimsical
  154. Ersatz

    Syn: Artificial, dummy, false, imitation, mock, sham, simulated, spurious, substitute
  155. Erudite
    Learned, scholarly, bookish

    Syn: Learned, scholastic, wise
  156. Eschew
    To shun, to avoid (as something wrong or distasteful)

    Syn: Avoid, bilk, elude, escape, evade, shun, shy
  157. Esoteric
    Known or understood only by a few

    Syn: Abstruse, arcane, obscure
  158. Estimable

    Syn: Commendable, creditable, honorable, laudable, meritorious, praiseworthy, respectable, venerable, worthy
  159. Ethos
    Beliefs or character of a group

    Syn: Culture, ethic, philosophy
  160. Eulogy
    Speech in praise of someone

    Syn: Commend, extol, laud
  161. Euphemism
    Use of an inoffensive word or phrae in place of a more distasteful one

    Syn: Nice-nellyism
  162. Euphony
    Pleasant, harmonious sound

    Syn: Harmony, melody, music, sweetness
  163. Exacerbate
    To make worse

    Syn: Aggravate, annoy, intensify, irritate, provoke
  164. Exculpate
    To clear from blame, prove innocent

    Syn: Absolve, acquit, clear, exonerate, vindicate
  165. Exigent
    Urgent, requiring immediate action

    Syn: Critical, imperative, needed, urgent
  166. Exonerate
    To clear of blame

    Syn: Absolve, acquit, exculpate, vindicate
  167. Explicit
    Clearly stated or shown, forthright in expression

    Syn: Candid, clear-cut, definite, definitive, express, frank, specific, straightforward, unabiguous, unequivocal
  168. Exponent
    One who champions or advocates

    Syn: Representative, supporter
  169. Expurgate
    To censor

    Syn: Bowdlerize, cut, sanitize
  170. Fallow
    Dormant, unused

    Syn: Idle, inactive, unseeded
  171. Fanatical
    Acting excessively enthusiastic, filled with extreme, unquestionable devotion

    Syn: Extremist, fiery, frenzied, zealous
  172. Fatuous
    Stupid, foolishly self-satisfied

    Syn: Absurd, ludicrous, preposterous, ridiculous, silly
  173. Fawn
    To grovel

    Syn: Bootlick, pander, toady
  174. Fecund
    Fertile, fruitful, productive

    Syn: Flourishing, prolific
  175. Fervid
    Intensely emotional, feverish

    Syn: Burning, impassioned, passionate, vehement, zealous
  176. Fetid
    Foul-smelling, putrid

    Syn: Funky, malodorous, noisome, rank, stinky
  177. Flag
    To decline in vigor, strength, or interest

    Syn: dwindle, ebb, slacken, subside, wane
  178. Florid
    Excessively decorated or embellished

    Syn: Baroque, elaborate, flamboyant, ornate, ostentatious, rococo
  179. Foment
    To arouse or incite

    Syn: Agitate, impassion, inflame, instigate, kindle
  180. Ford
    To cross a body of water by wading

    Syn: Traverse, wade
  181. Forestall
    To prevent or delay, anticipate

    Syn: Avert, deter, hinder, obviate, preclude
  182. Fortuitious
    Happening by chance, fortunate

    Syn: Chance, fortunate, haphazard, lucky, propitious, prosperous
  183. Fractious
    Unruly, rebellious

    Syn: Contentious, cranky, peevish, quarrelsome
  184. Frenetic
    Frantic, frenzied

    Syn: Corybantic, delirious, feverish, mad, rabid, wild
  185. Frugality
    Tending to be thrifty or cheap

    Syn: Economical, parsimony, prudence, sparing
  186. Furtive
    Secret, stealthy

    Syn: Clandestine, covert, shfty, surreptitious, underhand
  187. Gambol
    To dance or skip around playfully

    Syn: Caper, cavort, frisk, frolic, rollick, romp
  188. Garner
    To gather and store

    Syn: Amass, acquire, glean, harvest, reap
  189. Garrulous
    tending to talk a lot

    Syn: Effusive, loquacious
  190. Gestation
    Growth process from conception to birth

    Syn: Development, gravidity, pregnancy
  191. Glib
    Fluent in an insincere manner, offhand, casual

    Syn: Easy, superficial
  192. Glower
    To glare or stare angrily and intensely

    Syn: Frown, lower, scowl
  193. Gradation
    Process occuring by regular degrees or stages, variation in color

    Syn: Nuance, shade, step, subtlety
  194. Gregarious
    Outgoing, sociable

    Syn: Affable, communicative, congenial, sociable
  195. Grievous
    Causing grief or sorrow, serious and distressing

    Syn: Dire, dolorous, grave, mournful
  196. Grovel
    To humble oneself in a demeaning way

    Syn: Bootlick, cringe, fawn, kowtow, taody
  197. Guile
    Deceit, trickery

    Syn: Artifice, chicanery, connivery, duplicity
  198. Gullible
    Easily deceived

    Syn: Credulous, exploitable, naive
  199. Hapless
    Unfortunate, having bad luck

    Syn: Ill-fated, ill-starred, jinxed, luckless, unlucky
  200. Hegemony
    The domination of one state or group over its allies

    Syn: Authority, power
  201. Hermetic
    Tightly sealed

    Syn: Airtight, impervious, watertight
  202. Heterogeneous
    Composed of unlike parts, different, diverse

    Syn: Assorted, miscellaneous, mixed, motley, varied
  203. Hoary
    Very old, whitish or gray from age

    Syn: Ancient, antediluvian, antique, venerable, vintage
  204. Homogeneous
    of a similar kind

    Syn: Consistent, standardized, uniform, unvarrying
  205. Husband
    To manage economically, to use sparingly

    Syn: Conserve
  206. Hyperbole
    Purposeful exaggeration for effect

    Syn: Embellishment, inflation, magnification
  207. Iconoclast
    One who opposes established beliefs, customs, and institutions

    Syn: Maverick, nonconformist, rebel, revolutionary
  208. Idiosyncrasy
    Peculiarity of temperament, eccentricity

    Syn: Humor, oddity, quirk
  209. Ignoble
    Having low moral standards, not noblein character, mean

    Syn: Lowly, vulgar
  210. Imbue
    To infuse, dye, wet, or moisten

    Syn: Charge, freight, impregnate, permeate, pervade
  211. Impasse
    Blocked path, dilemma with no solution

    Syn: cul-de-sac, deadlock, stalemate
  212. Impecunious
    Poor, having no money

    Syn: Destitute, impoverished, indigent, needy, penniless
  213. Imperturable
    Not capable of being disturbed

    Syn: Composed, dispassionate, impassive, serene, stoical
  214. Impervious
    Impossible to penetrate, incapable of being affected

    Syn: Impregnable, resistant
  215. Impetuous
    Quick to act without thinking

    Syn: Impulsive, precipitate, rash, reckless, spontaneous
  216. Impious
    Not devout in religion

    Syn: Immoral, irreverent, profane
  217. Implacable
    Unable to be calmed down or made peaceful

    Syn: Inexorable, intransigent, irreconcilable, relentless, remorseless, unforgiving, unrelenting
  218. Imprecation
    A curse

    Syn: Damnation
  219. Impugn
    To call into question, to attack verbally

    Syn: Challenge, dispute
  220. Incarnadine
    Blood-red in color

    Syn: Reddened, ruby, ruddy
  221. Inchoate
    Not fully formed, disorganized

    Syn: Amorphous, incoherent, incomplete, unorganized
  222. Inculcate
    To teach, impress in the mind

    Syn: Implant, indoctrinate, instill, preach
  223. Indolent
    Habitually lazy or idle

    Syn: Faineant, languid, lethargic, slothful, sluggish
  224. Inexorable
    Inflexible, unyielding

    Syn: Adamant, relentless, obdurate
  225. Ingenuous
    Showing innocence or childlike simplicity

    Syn: Artless, guileless, innocent, naive, simple, unaffected
  226. Ingrate
    Ungrateful person

    Syn: Cad, churl
  227. Ingratiate
    To gain favor with another by deliberate effort; to seek to please somebody so as to gain an advantage

    Syn: Curry favor, flatter
  228. Inimical
    Hostile, unfriendly

    Syn: Adverse, antagonistic, dissident, recalcitrant
  229. Iniquity
    Sin, evil act

    Syn: enormity, immorality, injustice, vice, wickedness
  230. Innocuous

    Syn: Benign, harmless, inoffensive, insipid
  231. Inquest
    An investigation, an inquiry

    Syn: Probe, quest, research
  232. Insipid
    Lacking interest or flavor

    Syn: Banal, bland, dull, stale, vapid
  233. Insurrection

    Syn: Mutiny, revolt, revolution, uprising
  234. Inter
    To burry

    Syn: Entomb, inhume, sepulcher, sepulture, tomb
  235. Interregnum
    Period between reigns

    Syn: Interval
  236. Intractable
    Not easily managed or manipulated

    Syn: Stubborn, unruly
  237. Intransigent
    Uncompromising, refusing to be reconciled

    Syn: Implacable, inexorable, irreconcilable, obdurate, obstinate, remorseless, rigid, unbending, unrelenting, unyielding
  238. Intrepid
    Fearless, resolutely courageous

    Syn: Brave
  239. Inundate
    To overwhelm, to cover with water

    Syn: Deluge, drown, engulf, flood, submerge
  240. Inure
    To harden, accustom, become used to

    Syn: Condition, familiarize, habituate
  241. Invective
    Abusive language

    Syn: denunciation, revilement, vituperation
  242. Investiture
    Ceremony conferring authority

    Syn: Inaugural, inauguration, induction, initiation, installation
  243. Invidious
    Envious, obnoxious, or offensive; likely to promote ill-will

    Syn: Discriminatory, insulting, jaundiced, resentful
  244. Iracible
    Easily made angry

    Syn: Cantankerous, irritable, ornery, testy
  245. Itinerant
    Wandering from place to place, unsettled

    Syn: Nomadic, vagrant
  246. Jargon
    Nonsensical talk, specialized language

    Syn: Argot, cant, dialect, idiom, slang
  247. Jettison
    To discard, to get rid of as unnecessary or encumbering

    Syn: Dump, eject
  248. Jingoism
    Belligerent support of one's country

    Syn: Chauvanism, nationalism
  249. Jocular
    Playful, humorous

    Syn: amusing, comical
  250. Judicious
    Sensible, showing good judgment

    Syn: Circumspect, prudent, sagacious, sapient
  251. Juncture
    Point of time, especially where two things are joined

    Syn: Confluence, convergence, crisis, crossroads, moment
  252. Keen
    Having a sharp edge, intellectually sharp, perceptive

    Syn: Acute, canny, quick
  253. Kindle
    To set fire to or ignite; excite or inspire

    Syn: Arouse, awaken, light, spark
  254. Kinetic
    Relating to motion, characterized by movement

    Syn: Active, dynamic, mobile
  255. Knell
    Sound of a funeral bell, omen of death or failure

    Syn: Chime, peal, toll
  256. Kudos
    Fame, glory, or honor

    Syn: Acclaim, accolade, encomium, homage, praise
  257. Lachrymose

    Syn: Teary, weeping
  258. Laconic
    Using few words

    Syn: Concise, curt, pithy, taciturn, terse
  259. Lament
    To express sorrow, to grieve

    Syn: Bewail, deplore, grieve, mourn
  260. Lampoon
    To ridicule with satire

    Syn: Tease
  261. Languid
    Lacking energy, indifferent, slow

    Syn: Faineant, lackadaisical, listless, sluggish, weak
  262. Lapidary
    Relating to precious stones or the art of cutting them
  263. Larceny
    theft of property

    Syn: Burglary, robbery, stealing
  264. Largess
    Generous giving (as of money) to others who may seem inferior

    Syn: Benevolence, boon, compliment, favor, present
  265. Lassitude
    A state of diminished energy

    Syn: Debilitation, enervation, fatigue, languor, listlessness, tiredness, weariness
  266. Latent
    Potential that is not readily apparent

    Syn: Concealed, dormant, inert, potential, quiescent
  267. Laud
    To give praise, to glorify

    Syn: Acclaim, applaud, commend, compliment, exalt, extol, hail, praise
  268. Lavish
    Extremely generous or extravagant, giving unsparingly

    Syn: Bestow, confer, extravagant, exuberant, luxuriant, opulent, prodigal, profuse, superabundant
  269. Leery

    Syn: Distrutful, guarded, wary
  270. Legerdemain

    Syn: Chicanery, conjuring
  271. Libertine
    A free thinker, usually used disparagingly, one without moral restrait

    Syn: hedonist
  272. Licentious
    Immoral, unrestrained by society

    Syn: Lewd, wanton
  273. Limpid
    Clear, transparent

    Syn: Lucid, pellucid, serene
  274. Lionize
    To treat as a celebrity

    Syn: feast, honor, ply, regale
  275. Lissome
    Easily flexed, limber, agile

    Syn: Graceful, lithe, supple
  276. Listless
    Lacking energy and enthusiasm

    Syn: Faineant, indolent, languid, lethargic, sluggish
  277. Livid
    Discolored from a bruise, pale, reddened with anger

    Syn: Ashen, black-and-blue, furious, pallid
  278. Loquacious

    Syn: effusive, garrulous, verbose
  279. Lucid
    Clear and easily understood

    Syn: Clear, coherent, explicit, intelligle, limpid
  280. Lugubrious
    Sorrowful, mournful, dismal

    Syn: funereal, gloomy, melancholy, somber, woeful
  281. Lumber
    To move slowly and awkwardly

    Syn: galumph, hulk, lurch, stumble
  282. Luminous
    Bright, brilliant, glowing

    Syn: Incandescent, lucent, lustrous, radiant, resplendent
  283. Machination
    Plot or scheme

    Syn: Cabal, conspiracy, design, intrigue
  284. Maelstrom
    Whirlpool, turmoil, agitated state of mind

    Syn: Charybdis, eddy, turbulence
  285. Magnate
    Powerful or influential person

    Syn: Dignitary, luminary, nabob, potentate, tycoon
  286. Malediction
    A curse, a wish of evil upon another

    Syn: Anathema, imprecation
  287. Malinger
    To evade responsibility by pretending to be ill

    Syn: Shirk, slack
  288. Malleable
    Capable of being shaped

    Syn: Adaptable, ductile, plastic, pliable, pliant
  289. Mannered
    Artificial or stilted in character

    Syn: Affected, unnatural
  290. Mar
    To damage or deface, spoil

    Syn: Blemish, disfigure, impair, injure, scar
  291. Martinet
    Strict disciplinarian, one who rigidly follows rules

    Syn: Dictator, stickler, tyrant
  292. Maudlin
    Overly sentimental

    Syn: Bathetic, mawkish, saccharine, weepy
  293. Mendacious

    Syn: Deceitful, false, lying, untruthful
  294. Mendicant

    Syn: Panhandler, pauper
  295. Mercurial
    Quick, shrewd, and unpredictable

    Syn: Clever, crafty, volatile, whimsical
  296. Meretricious
    Gaudy, falsely attractive

    Syn: Flashy, insincere, loud, specious, tawdry
  297. Metaphor
    Figure of speech comparing two different things

    Syn: Allegory, analogy, simile, symbol
  298. Lethargic
    Acting in an indifferent or slow, sluggish manner

    Syn: Apathetic, lackadaisical, languid, listless, torpid
  299. Levity
    An inappropriate lack of seriousness; overly casual

    Syn: Amusement, humor
  300. Liberal
    Tolerant or broad-minded, generous or lavish

    Syn: Bounteous, latitudinarian, munificent, permissive, progressive
  301. Meticulous
    Extremely careful; fastidious, painstaking

    Syn: Finicky, fussy, picky, precise, punctilious, scrupulous
  302. Militate
    To operate against; work against

    Syn: Influence, affect, change
  303. Mirth
    Frivolity, gaiety, laughter

    Syn: Glee, hilarity, jollity, merriment
  304. Misanthrope
    A person who dislikes others

    Syn: Curmudgeon
  305. Missive
    A written note or letter

    Syn: Message
  306. Mitigate
    To soften; To lessen

    Syn: Allay, alleviate, assuage, ease, lighten, moderate, mollify, palliate, temper
  307. Mollify
    To calm or make less severe

    Syn: Appease, assuage, conciliate, pacify
  308. Molt
    To shed hair, skin, or an outer layer periodically

    Syn: Cast, defoliate, desquamate
  309. Monastic
    Extremely plain or secluded, as in a monestary

    Syn: Austere, contemplative, disciplined, regimented, self-abnegating
  310. Monotony
    No variation, tediously the same

    Syn: Drone, tedium
  311. Mores
    Fixed customs or manners; moral attitudes

    Syn: Conventions, practices
  312. Multifarious

    Syn: Assorted, indiscriminate, heterogeneous, legion, motley, multifold, multiform, multiplex, populous, varid
  313. Myopic
    Lacking foresight, having a narrow view or short-range perspective

    Syn: Short-sighted, unthinking
  314. Nadir
    Lowest point

    Syn: Bottom, depth, pit
  315. Naive
    Lacking sophistication or experience

    Syn: Artless, credulous, guileless, ingenuous, simple, unaffected, unsophisticated
  316. Nascent
    Starting to develop, coming into existence

    Syn: Embryonic, emerging, inchoate, incipient
  317. Neologism
    New word or expression

    Syn: Slang, slip-of-the-tongue
  318. Neophyte
    Novice, beginner

    Syn: Apprentice, greenhorn, tyro
  319. Nettle
    To irritate

    Syn: Annoy, vex
  320. Noisome
    Stinking, putrid

    Syn: Disgusting, foul, malodorous
  321. Nominal
    Existing in name only, negligible

    Syn: Minimal, titular
  322. Nuance
    A subtle expression of meaning or quality

    Syn: Gradation, subtlety, tone
  323. Numismatics
    Coin collecting
  324. Obdurate
    Hardened in feeling, resistant to persuasion

    Syn: Inflexible, intransigent, recalcitrant, tenacious, unyielding
  325. Oblique
    Indirect or evasive, misleading or devious

    Syn: Glancing, slanted, tangential
  326. Obsequious
    Overly submissive and eager to please

    Syn: Compliant, deferential, servile, subservient
  327. Obstinate
    Stubborn, unyielding

    Syn: Intransigent, mulish, persistent, pertinaicous, tenacious
  328. Obviate
    To prevent; to make unnecessary

    Syn: Forestall, preclude, prohibit
  329. Occlude
    To stop up; prevent the passage of

    Syn: Barricade, block, close, obstruct
  330. Officious
    Too helpful; meddlesome

    Syn: Eager, unwanted, intrusive
  331. Onerous
    Troublesome and oppresive; burdensome

    Syn: Arduous, backbreaking, cumbersome, difficult, exacting, formidable, hard, laborious, oppressive, rigorous, taxing, trying
  332. Opaque
    Impossible to see through, preventing the passage of light

    Syn: Obscure
  333. Opine
    To express an opinion

    Syn: Point out, voice
  334. Opprobrium
    Public disgrace

    Syn: Discredit, disgrace, dishonor, disrepute, ignominy, infamy, obloquy, shame
  335. Orotund

    Syn: Aureate, bombastic, declamatory, euphuistic, flowery, grandiloquent, magniloquent, oratorical, overblown, sonorous
  336. Ossify
    To change into bone; to become hardened or set in a rigidly conventional pattern
  337. Ostensible

    Syn: Represented, supposed, surface
  338. Ostentation
    Excessive showiness

    Syn: Conspicuousness, flashiness, pretentiousness, showiness
  339. Overwrought
    Agitated; overdone

    Syn: Elaborate, excited, nervous, ornate
  340. Palatial
    Relating to a palace; magnificent

    Syn: Grand, stately
  341. Palliate
    To make less serious, ease

    Syn: Alleviate, assuage, extenuate, mitigate
  342. Pallid
    Lacking color or liveliness

    Syn: Ashen, blanched, ghostly, pale, wan
  343. Panache
    Flamboyance or dash in style and actions; verve

    Syn: flair
  344. Panegyric
    Elaborate praise, formal hymn of praise

    Syn: Compliment, homage
  345. Panoply
    Impressive array

    Syn: Array, display, fanfare, parade, pomp, shine, show
  346. Paradox
    A contradiction or dilemma

    Syn: Ambiguity, incongruity
  347. Paragon
    Model of excellence or perfection

    Syn: Apotheosis, ideal, quintessence, standard
  348. Pare
    To trim off excess, reduce

    Syn: Clip, peel
  349. Pariah
    An outcast

    Syn: Castaway, derelict, leper, offscouring, untouchable
  350. Parley
    Discussion, usually between enemies

    Syn: Debate, dialogue, negotiations, talks
  351. Parry
    To ward off or deflect, especially by a quick-witted answer

    Syn: Avoid, evade, repel
  352. Pastiche
    Piece of literature or music imitating other works

    Syn: Medley, spoof
  353. Pathogenic
    Causing disease

    Syn: infecting, noxious
  354. Peccadillo
    Minor sin or offense

    Syn: Failing, fault, lapse, misstep
  355. Pedant
    Someone who shows off learning

    Syn: Doctrinaire, nit-picker, pedagogue, scholar, schoolmaster, sophist
  356. Pejorative
    Having bad connotations, disparaging

    Syn: Belittling, dismissive, insulting
  357. Penury
    An oppressive lack of resources (as money); severe poverty

    Syn: Destitution, impoverishment
  358. Peregrinate
    To wander from place to place, to travel, especially on foot

    Syn: Journey, traverse, trek
  359. Perfidious
    Willing to betray one's trust

    Syn: Disloyal, faithless, traitorous, treacherous
  360. Perfunctory
    Done in a routine way, indiffirent

    Syn: Apathetic, automatic, mechanical
  361. Peripatetic
    Wandering from place to place, especially on foot

    Syn: Itinerant, nomadic, wayfaring
  362. Permeate
    To penetrate

    Syn: Imbue, infuse, pervade, suffuse
  363. Perspicacious
    Shrewd, astute, or keen-witted

    Syn: Insightful, intelligent, sagacious
  364. Pervade
    To be present throughout, to permeate

    Syn: Imbue, infuse, penetrate, suffuse
  365. Phalanx
    A compact or close-knit body of people, animals, or things

    Syn: Legion, mass
  366. Philanthropy
    Charity, a desire or effort to promote goodness

    Syn: Altruism, humanitarianism
  367. Philistine
    A person who is guided by materialism and is disdainful of intellectual or artistic values

    Syn: Boor, bourgeois, capitalist, clown, lout, materialist, vulgarian
  368. Phlegmatic
    Calm and unemotional in temperament

    Syn: Apathetic, calm, emotionless, impassive, indiffirent, passionless, unemotional
  369. Pithy
    Profound or substantial yet concise, succinct, and to the point

    Syn: Brief, compact, laconic, terse
  370. Placate
    To soothe or pacify

    Syn: Appease, conciliate, mollify
  371. Plastic
    Able to be molded, altered, or bent

    Syn: adaptable, ductile, malleable, pliant
  372. Plebeian
    Crude or coarse, characteristic of commoners

    Syn: Conventional, unrefined
  373. Plethora

    Syn: Glut, overabundance, superfluity, surfeit
  374. Plucky
    Courageous; spunky

    Syn: Brave, bold, gutsy
  375. Polemic
    Controversy, argument, verbal attack

    Syn: Denunciation, refutation
  376. Politic
    Shrewd and practical in managing or dealing with things, diplomatic

    Syn: Tactful
  377. Polyglot
    A speaker of many languages
  378. Posit
    To assume as real or conceded, propose as an explanation

    Syn: Suggest
  379. Potentate
    A monarch or ruler with great power

    Syn: Dominator, leader
  380. Pragmatic
    Practical, as opposed to idealistic

    Syn: rational, realistic
  381. Prattle
    Meaningless, foolish talk

    Syn: Babble, blather, chatter, drivel, gibberish
  382. Precipitate
    To throw violently or bring about abruptly, lacking deliberation

    Syn: Abrupt, hasty, headlong, hurried, ill-considered, impetuous, impulsive, prompt, rash, reckless, sudden
  383. Precis
    Short summary of facts

    Syn: Summary
  384. Prescient
    Having foresight

    Syn: Augural, divinatory, mantic, oracular, premonitory
  385. Prevaricate
    To lie or deviate from the truth

    Syn: Equivocate, lie, perjure
  386. Pristine
    Fresh and clean, uncorrupted

    Syn: Innocent, undamaged
  387. Probity
    Complete honesty and integrity

    Syn: Integrity, morality, rectitude, uprightness, virtue
  388. Proclivity
    A natural inclination or predisposition

    Syn: Bias, leaning, partiality, penchant, predilection, prejudice, propensity
  389. Prodigal
    Lavish, wasteful

    Syn: Extravagant, profligate, spendthrift
  390. Profligate
    Corrupt, degenerate

    Syn: Dissolute, extravagant, improvident, prodigal, wasteful
  391. Proliferate
    To increase in number quickly

    Syn: Breed, multiply, procreate, propagate, reproduce, spawn
  392. Propitiate
    To conciliate, to appease

    Syn: Mollify, pacify, placate
  393. Propriety
    The quality of behaving in a proper manner, obeying rules and customs

    Syn: Appropriateness, decency, decorum, modesty
  394. Prudence
    Wisdom, caution, or restraint

    Syn: Astuteness, circumspection, discretion, frugality, judiciousness, providence, thrift
  395. Puerile
    Childish, immature, or silly

    Syn: Infantile, jejune, juvenile
  396. Pugilism

    Syn: Fighting, sparring
  397. Pulchritude

    Syn: Comeliness, gorgeousness, handsomeness, loveliness, prettiness
  398. Pungent
    Sharp and irritating to the senses

    Syn: Acrid, caustic, piquant, poignant, stinging
  399. Pusillanimous
    Cowardly, without courage

    Syn: Cowardly, timid
  400. Querulous
    Inclined to complain, irritable

    Syn: Peevish, puling, sniveling, whiny
  401. Quiescent

    Syn: Dormant, latent
  402. Quixotic
    Overly idealistic, impractical

    Syn: Capricious, impulsive, romantic, unrealistic
  403. Quotidian
    Occuring daily, commonplace

    Syn: Everyday, normal, usual
  404. Raconteur
    Witty, skillful storyteller

    Syn: Anecdotalist, monologist
  405. Rarefy
    To make thinner or sparser

    Syn: Attenuate, thin
  406. Redress
    Relief from wrong or injury

    Syn: Amends, indemnity, quittance, reparation, restitution
  407. Rejoinder

    Syn: Retort, riposte
  408. Repast
    Meal or mealtime

    Syn: Banquet, feast
  409. Replete
    Abundantly supplied, complete

    Syn: Abounding, full
  410. Repose
    Relaxation, leisure

    Syn: Calmness, tranquility
  411. Repudiate
    To reject the validity of

    Syn: Deny, disavow, disclaim, disown, renounce
  412. Requite
    To return or repay

    Syn: Compensate, reciprocate
  413. Restive
    Impatient, uneasy, or restless

    Syn: Agitated, anxious, fretful
  414. Reticent
    Silent, reserved

    Syn: cool, introverted, laconic, standoffish, taciturn, undemonstrative
  415. Rhetoric
    Effective writing or speaking

    Syn: Eloquence, oratory
  416. Ribald
    Humorous in a vulgar way

    Syn: Coarse, gross, indelicate, lewd, obscene
  417. Rococo
    Very highly ornamented, relating to an 18th century artistic style of elaborate ornamentation

    Syn: intricate, ornate
  418. Rustic

    Syn: Bucolic, pastoral
  419. Sacrosanct
    Extremely sacred, beyond criticism

    Syn: Holy, inviolable, off-limits
  420. Sagacious
    Shrewd, wise

    Syn: Astute, judicious, perspicacious, sage, wise
  421. Salient
    Prominent; of notable significance

    Syn: Marked, noticeable, outstanding
  422. Salubrious

    Syn: Bracing, curative, medicinal, therapeutic, tonic
  423. Sanguine
    Ruddy, cheerfully optimistic

    Syn: Confident, hopeful, positive, rosy, rubicund
  424. Sardonic
    Cynical, scornfully mocking

    Syn: acerbic, caustic, sarcastic, satirical, snide
  425. Satiate
    To satisfy fully or overindulge

    Syn: Cloy, glut, gorge, surfeit
  426. Scintilla
    Trace amount

    Syn: Atom, iota, mote, spark, speck
  427. Sedition
    Behavior that promotes rebellion or civil disorder against the state

    Syn: Conspiracy, insurrection
  428. Sentient
    Aware, conscious, able to perceive

    Syn: feeling, intelligent, thinking
  429. Seraphic
    Angelic, sweet

    Syn: Cherubic, heavenly
  430. Sinecure
    A well-paying job or office that requires little or no work

    The corrupt mayor made sure to set up all his relatives in sinecures within the administration
  431. Slake
    To calm down or moderate

    Syn: Moderate, quench, satisfy
  432. Sobriquet

    Syn: Alias, pseudonym
  433. Solecism
    Grammatical mistake, blunder in speech

    Syn: Blooper, faux pas, vulgarism
  434. Soporific
    Causing sleep or lethargy

    Syn: Hypnotic, narcotic, slumberous, somnolent
  435. Spartan
    Highly self-disciplined, frugal, austere

    Syn: Restrained, simple
  436. Specious
    Deceptively attractive, seemingly plausible but fallacious

    Syn: Illusory, ostensible, plausible, sophistic, spurious
  437. Sportive
    Frolicsome, playful

    Syn: Frisky, merry
  438. Stasis
    A state of static balance or equilibrium, stagnation

    Syn: Inertia, standstill
  439. Stentorian
    Extremely loud

    Syn: Clamorous, noisy
  440. Stigma
    A mark of shame or discredit

    Syn: Blemish, blot, opprobrium, stain, taint
  441. Stolid
    Unemotional, lacking sensivity

    Syn: Apathetic, impassive, indifferent, phlegmatic, stoic, unconcerned
  442. Stratagem
    Trick designed to receive an enemy

    Syn: Artifice, feint, maneuver, ruse, wile
  443. Sublime
    Lofty or grand

    Syn: August, exalted, glorious, grand, magnificent, majestic, noble, resplendent, superb
  444. Sully
    To tarnish, taint

    Syn: Besmirch, defile
  445. Supplant
    To replace (another) by force; to take the place of

    Syn: Displace, supersede
  446. Surfeit
    Excessive amount

    Syn: Glut, plethora, repletion, superfluity, surplus
  447. Surly
    Rude and bad-tempered

    Syn: Gruff, grumpy, testy
  448. Sybarite
    A person devoted to pleasure and luxury

    Syn: Hedonist, sensualist
  449. Sycophant
    A self-serving flatterer, yes-man

    Syn: Bootlicker, fawner, lickspittle, toady
  450. Symbiosis
    Cooperation, mutual helpfulness

    Syn: Association, interdependence
  451. Syncopation
    Temporary irregularity in musical rhythm
  452. Tacit
    Done without using words

    Syn: Implicit, implied, undeclared, unsaid, unuttered
  453. Taciturn
    Silent, not talkative

    Syn: Laconic, reticent
  454. Talon
    Claw of an animal, especially a bird of prey

    Syn: claw, nail
  455. Tangential
    Disgressing, diverting

    Syn: Digressive, extraneous, inconsequential, irrelevant, peripheral
  456. Tawdry
    Gaudy, cheap, or showy

    Syn: Flashy, loud, meretricious
  457. Terrestrial
    Earthly, down-to-earth, commonplace

    Syn: Earthbound, mundane, sublunary, tellurian, terrene
  458. Tirade
    Long, harsh speech or verbal attack

    Syn: Diatribe, fulmination, harangue, obloquy, revilement, vilification
  459. Toady
    One who flatters in the hope of gaining favors

    Syn: Parasite, sycophant
  460. Tome
    Usually large and academic book

    Syn: Codex, volume
  461. Torpor
    Extreme mental and physical sluggishness

    Syn: apathy, languor
  462. Transitory
    Temporary; lasting a brief time

    Syn: Ephemeral, evanescent, fleeting, impermanent, momentary
  463. Trenchant
    Acute, sharp, or incisive, forceful, effective

    Syn: Biting, caustic, cutting, keen
  464. Turgid
    Swollen as from a fluid, bloated

    Syn: Distended
  465. Tyro
    Beginner, novice

    Syn: Apprectice, fledgling, greenhorn, neophyte, tenderfoot
  466. Umbrage
    Offense, resentment

    Syn: Asperity, dudgeon, ire, pique, rancor
  467. Unconscionable
    Unscrupulous; shockingly unfair or unjust

    Syn: Dishonorable, indefensible
  468. Unequivocal
    Absolute; certain

    Syn: Categorical, clear, explicit, express, unambiguous
  469. Waver
    To fluctuate between choices

    Syn: Dither, falter, fluctuate, oscillate, vascillate
  470. Zealot
    Someone passionately devoted to a cause

    Syn: enthusiast, fanatic, militant, radical
  471. Zeal
    Passion, excitement

    Syn: Ardency, fervor, fire, passion
  472. Yoke
    To join together

    Syn: Bind, harness, pair
  473. Xenophobia
    A fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers

    Syn: Bigotry, chauvinism, prejudice
  474. Vim
    Vitality and energy

    Syn: Force, power
  475. Vicissitude
    A change or variation, ups and downs

    Syn: inconstancy, mutability
  476. Viscous
    Thick and adhesive, like a slow-flowing fluid

    Syn: Gelatinous, glutinous, thick
  477. Vituperate
    To abuse verbally, berate

    Syn: Castigate, reproach, scold
  478. Volatile
    Easily aroused or changeable, lively or explosive

    Syn: Capricious, erratic, fickle, inconsistent, inconstant, mercurial, temperamental
  479. Voluble
    Talkative, speaking easily, glib

    Syn: Loquacious, verbose
  480. Wan
    Sickly pale

    Syn: Ashen, sickly
  481. Wanton
    Undisciplined, unrestrained, reckless

    Syn: Capricious, lewd, licentious
  482. Inculcate
    To teach, impress in the mind

    Syn: Implant, indoctrinate, instill, preach
  483. Whimsical
    Lightly acting in a fanciful or capricious manner; unpredictable

    Syn: Capricious, erratic, flippant, frivolous
  484. Wily
    Clever, deceptive

    Syn: Crafty, cunning, tricky
  485. Winsome
    Charming; happily engaging

    Syn: Attractive, delightful
  486. Wizened
    Shriveled, withered, wrinkled

    Syn: Atrophied, desiccated, gnarled, wasted
  487. Wraith
    A ghost or specter; a ghost of a living person seen just before his or her death

    Syn: Apparition, bogeyman, phantasm, shade, spirit
  488. Zenith
    The point of culmination peak

    Syn: Acme, pinnacle
  489. Zephyr
    A gentle breeze, something airy or unsubstantial

    Syn: Breath; draft
  490. Upbraid
    To scold sharply

    syn: Berate, chide, rebuke, reproach, tax
  491. Usury
    The practice of lending money at exorbitant rates

    Syn: Loan-sharking
  492. Vacillate
    To physically sway or to be indecisive

    Syn: Dither, falter, fluctuate, oscillate, waver
  493. Variegated
    Varied, marked with different colors

    Syn: Diversified
  494. Venerable
    Respected because of age

    Syn: Distinguished, elderly, respectable
  495. Venerate
    To respect deeply

    Syn: Adore, honor, idolize, revere
  496. Veracity
    Filed with truth and accuracy

    Syn: Candor, exactitude, fidelity, probity
  497. Verbose

    Syn: Long-winded, loquacious, prolix, superfluous
  498. Verdant
    Green with vegetation, inexperienced

    Syn: Grassy, leafy, wooded
  499. Vernal
    Related to springs, fresh

    Syn: Springlike, youthful
  500. Vestige
    A trace, remnant

    Syn: relic, remains, sign
  501. Vex
    To annoy, irritate, puzzle, confuse

    Syn: Annoy, bother, chafe, exasperate, irk, nettle, peeve, provoke
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