Lab 2 molecular transport

  1. Concentration is ?
    Amount of solution in each molecule
  2. Diffusion is?
    Molecule movement from high concentration to low concentration
  3. Osmosis is?
    The diffusion of water
  4. Solute is?
    Substance dissolved in a given solution
  5. Solvent is?
    Substance in which another is dissolved
  6. Solution is?
    Mixture of Two or more substances
  7. Hypertonic solution is?
    More solute (H2O moves out; shrink)
  8. Hypotonic solution is?
    Less solute (H2O moves in; Blow up)
  9. Isotonic solution is?
    Equal solute inside and outside (nothing)
  10. Three rules of Diffusion are?
    • 1. From high concentration to low concentration
    • 2. Permeability allows molecule to pass through cell wall
    • 3. Keep moving until it achieves Equilibrium
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