hist 2 d

  1. 1. The ____ trial was an American legal case in which a high school biology teacher was accused of teaching
    evolution to students.
    Answer: Scopes
  2. 2. Because the stock market crashedin 1942, which class was wiped out?
    Answer: Middleclass
  3. 3. Which republican encouragedAmericans to put their money in big businesses & which eventually led tothe Great Depression?
    Answer: HerbertHoover
  4. 4. Biggest difference betweencommunists and nazis was that ____
    Answer: they werenational, NOT international
  5. 5. Nazis pass the Nuremberg lawwhich states that ____
    Answer: Jews are nowdeclared to be a race
  6. 6. Where a conference was held todecide what to do with the refugees/jews (also the name of water)
    Answer: Evian
  7. 7. Kristallnacht is also referred toas ____
    Answer: Night of BrokenGlass
  8. 8. The stock market crashed on ____
    Answer: Black Thursday
  9. 9. What are the three R's of the NewDeal
    Answer: Relief,Recovery, Reform
  10. 10. What adminstrative program wascommited to creating jobs for Americans
    Answer: WPA
  11. 11. What program paid farmers NOT tofarm
    Answer: AAA
  12. 12. What program created insuredbanks and protected deposits?
    Answer: FDIC
  13. 13. What program made sure thatanother stock market crash would not occur?
    Answer: SEC
  14. 14: The Social SecurityAdministration's purpose is to:
    Answer: take care ofthe elderly
  15. 15. The Glass-Steagall Act dividestwo kinds of banks. These are ___
    Answer:Investment & Commercial Banks
  16. 16. The Hoover Dam had nothing to dowith the Great Depression. It's purpose was to _____
    Answer: havethousand of workers that get paid in cash and that money goes into circulation.
  17. 17. What laws decided who was Jewishand who was not?
    Answer: theNuremberg blood laws
  18. 18. _____ means a politcal marriagebetween Germandy & Austria
  19. 19. _____ was in charge ofallocating raw materials.
    Answer: WPB
  20. 20. ___ determined how muchinformation should be given out to the public.
    Answer OWI
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