hist 2 B

  1. In 1940 America has its first _____ for men from ages ______.
  2. In the 1930s people moved to California because?
    [more jobs, higher wages, and higher relief payments
  3. In 1930 the southern Great Plains suffered several drought years which caused the what?
    [dust bowl]
  4. What is the trickledown effect?
    • starts from big corporations and works its way down to
    • the little companies]
  5. What was the importantce of the conference at Tehran?
    [we started a 2nd frontin france because stalin insisted.]
  6. What were the Noremburg Blood Laws?
    • [Judaism is now declared a race, therefore
    • they cannot change their status and are no longer considered German citizens]
  7. What was the group of young people Hitler begged to join his cause?
    [Hitler's Youth]
  8. Which day “will go down in infamy” and what happened on that day?
    [December 7th, 1941; Pearl Harbor]
  9. What did Germany want in Africa?
    [Suez Canal]
  10. Whose plan was implemented at the Casablanca conference?
    [Roosevelt's plan to attack through Italy]
  11. Which former Texas A&M graduate/president lead a team of Army rangers up
    the cliffs of Normandy?
    A. loftin
    b. rudder
    c. ross
    [b. Rudder!]
  12. Which school had 20229 people serve in WWII, of which 14123 were officers, more than any other senior military college?
    A. U.S. air force academy
    b. Westpoint
    c. Naval Academy
    d. Texas A&M
    [that’s right d!]
  13. What was the purpose of the National War Labor Board?
    [no strikes during war time, to keep a positive morale]
  14. 14. What was the result of the Battle of Midway?
    [kept Japan from expanding]
  15. 15. What was the Bataan Death March?
    Texas infantry unit attacks Japan via the Philippines and loses. Japan forces U.S. troops into imprisonment and marches them along the Bataan Island]
  16. 16. What land did Japan want?
  17. 17. What happened in Germany on November 11, 1935?
    [Crystal Noc-night of Broken Glass]
  18. 18. When did the stock market bottom out?
    [july 1932]
  19. What was decided at the conference of Quebec?
    a. to enter Europe through the Balkans
    b. to enter Europe through the Italian bootc.
    c. to get Russia’s assistance in fighting Japand.
    d. to attack Normandy for a European attack
  20. Why did Russia agree to help the U.S. fight Japan?
    a. the U.S. agreed to give Russia the Northern Island of Japan
    b. the U.s. agreed to give Russia eastern Europe.
    c. the U.S. convinced Russia to get revenge for the Russo-Japanese war of 1904
    d. all of the above
  21. 21. What were the three R’s of the New Deal?
    [relief, recovery, and reform]
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