hist 2 questions A

  1. 1. Who proposed that the cause ofthe economic depression during 1930's was an international conspiracy of Jewish bankers?
    a. FDR
    b. Dr. Francis e. Townsend
    c. Father Charles Coughlin
    d. Huey Long
    answer: c
  2. 2. Which of the following is the plan that was implemented by president Herbert Hoover?
    a. RFC
    b. AAA
    c. NIRA
    d. FERA
    answer: a
  3. 3. Which Amendment, raitified in 1933, shifted all future presidential inaugurations to January 20th?
    a. 18
    b. 19
    c. 20
    d. 21.
    Answer: c
  4. 4. Which of the following will eventually pull US out of the Great Depression?
    a. Progressive Movement
    b. WWII
    c. 22nd amendment
    d. Russian revolution
    answer: b
  5. 5. Which of the following is not a step of FDR's New Deal?
    a. Relief
    b. Recovery
    c. Reconstruction
    d. Reform
    answer: c
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