Microbe Mission Diseases

  1. botulism treatment
    boutulism antitoxin, possible breathing tubes or IV fluids
  2. pertussis treatment
    • antibiotics, if diagnosed early
    • fluids, oxygen
    • cough mixtures and suppresants should NOT be used
  3. syphilis symptoms
    • primary- painless sores and swollen lymph nodes
    • secondary- fever, fatigue, rash, aches and pains
    • tertiary- heart, brain, nervous system problems
  4. peptic ulcer disease transmission
    food, contaminated groundwater, saliva (kissing, sharing utensils)
  5. lyme disease symptoms
    • resembles the flu- chills, fever, headache, lethargy, muscle pain
    • bulls-eye rash
  6. paralytic shellfish poisoning treatment
    • no antidote
    • in severe cases, use of mechanical respirators and oxygen
  7. bacterial meningitis symptoms
    • inflammation of brain membrane
    • headache, neck stiffness, intolerance to light
  8. tuberculosis treatment
    treatment usually involves four drugs, lab tests are performed to see which ones work best. MUST be taken on a regular intervals for a long time.
  9. tuberculosis symptoms
    primary stage has no symptoms. Once the show up: Cough (sometimes phlegm and blood) escessive sweating, fever, weight loss
  10. dental caries treatment
    • brushing teeth prevents
    • tooth reconstruction, extraction, root canal
  11. bacterial pneumonia treatment
    • vaccines for prevention
    • antibiotics, fluids, anti-fever
    • coughing clears lungs, so suppresants should NOT be used
  12. gonorrhea symptoms
    • men- burning and pain while urinating, discharge and swelling of penis and testicles
    • women- can be mild or nonspecific, vaginal discharge, painful sex, burning while urinating
  13. typhus transmission
    lice, rats, fleas
  14. estuary associated syndrome symptoms
    neurological impairment, cough, burning on contact with water
  15. anthrax transmission
    • cutaneous- bacteria touches scrape or cut on skin
    • inhalation- spores enter through lungs and respiratory tract
    • gastrointestinal- eating tainted food
  16. bacterial meningitis transmission
    • mucous and saliva
    • coughing/sneezing
  17. tetanus symptoms
    lockjaw, muscle spasms, can lead to breathing problems. powerful muscle contractions that can create fractures and muscle tears. known as tetany
  18. strep throat treatment
    • antibiotics-penicillin, amoxicillin
    • warm liquids, popsicles, candies and lozenges
  19. bacterial meningitis treatment
    antibiotics, vaccines
  20. gonorrhea transmission
    • any type of sexual contact-mouth, vagina, penis, anus
    • bacteria grow in moist, warm places in the body
  21. peptic ulcer disease symptoms
    • abdominal pain, vomiting (sometimes blood)
    • tarry, foul smelling feces (melena)
  22. mad cow disease microbe
  23. cholera transmission
    • ingesting contaminated food
    • places with poor sanitation, overcrowding, war, famine
  24. botulism transmission
    • bacteria found in soil and untreated water
    • spores can survive in improperly preserved or canned food, often in honey
    • produces a toxin that causes problems
  25. dental caries symptoms
    cavities, toothache, tooth loss
  26. mad cow disease treatment
    none known
  27. strep throat symptoms
    difficulty swallowing, fever, general discomfort, sore throat, red throat with white splotches
  28. tetanus transmission
    bacteria grows in soil. puncture woulds. rusty nails only dangerous if dirty
  29. pertussis symptoms
    • initially similar to common cold
    • severe coughing, ends in a whoop
    • vomiting
  30. estuary associated syndrome transmission
    direct contact with estuarine water or by inhalation of aerosolized or volatized toxins
  31. toxic shock syndrome transmission
    tampons, wound infections, other direct contact with infected person
  32. legionaires disease transmission
    • mist or water vapor containing bacteria
    • NOT spread person to person
  33. rocky mountain spotted fever transmission
  34. strep throat transmission
    respiratory droplets, coughing, sneezing
  35. pertussis transmission
    • droplets, respiratory secretion
    • sometimes contact with infected articles
  36. syphilis transmission
    sexual contact, also mother to fetus
  37. cholera symptoms
    vomiting, diarrrhea, dehydration
  38. mad cow disease symptoms
    • spongy degeneration of brain and spinal cord
    • neurological impairment, lack of motor ontrol
    • cattle can't stand up
  39. lyme disease transmission
  40. mad cow disease transmission
    • contact of healthy tissue with infected tissue
    • when transmitted to humans called new variant Creutzfield-Jakob disease (nvCJD)
  41. bacterial pneumonia transmission
    droplets of mucus when sneeze or cough
  42. cholera treatment
    • replaces fluids, sugar, and electrolytes lost through diarrhea
    • antibiotics may reduce length of illness
  43. malaria transmission
  44. paralytic shellfish poisoning symptoms
    • acts on nervous system
    • nausea, vomiting, tingling or burning lips or gums
  45. paralytic shellfish poisoning transmission
    shelfish accumulate toxins produced by algal blooms. toxin is passed to humans when we eat them
  46. tuberculosis transmission
    respiratory droplets
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