AP Gov Ch. 6 "Public Opinion and the Media"

  1. Saliency
    • How important an issue is to a particular individual or group.
    • For example, Social Security has high _______ among senior citizens but low ________ for younger voters.
  2. Intensity
    • How strongly people feel about a particular issue.
    • For example, the Nation Rifle Association (NRA) has a high _________ of opposition against gun control.
  3. Stability
    • How quickly public opinion can change.
    • Democracy and Capitalism tend to have _________ in the U.S., but not President H.W. Bush's approval rating.
  4. Public Opinion
    How people feel about anything ranging from television programs to commercial products to political issues.
  5. Random Sampling
    • A method that allows pollsters to poll a representative cross-section of the public.
    • By phone, they use a machine that dials numbers randomly.
  6. Exit Polls
    A method where pollsters taget voting districts that collectively represent the voting public and randomly poll voters who are leaving the voting place.
  7. Political Socialization
    A process through which individuals develop their political attitude.
  8. Liberal Ideology
    • An ideology the believes that government should be used to remedy the social and economic injustices of the marketplace.
    • It supports government regulation of the economy, affirmative action, separation of church and state, and opposes bans on abortion.
  9. Conservative Ideology
    An ideology that stresses that individuals should be responsible for their own well-being and should not rely on government assistance and supports laissez-faire economics.
  10. News Media
    • News broadcasts on television, radio, and the Internet.
    • Newspapers.
    • New magazines (Time, Newsweek, etc.)
    • Magazine broadcast programs (20/20, 60 Minutes, etc.)
    • Newsmaker interview programs (Meet the Press, Larry King Live, etc.)
    • Political talk radio.
    • Websites, blogs, and online forums (Huffington Post, Politico, etc.)
  11. Public Agenda
    The relative importance of issues and when they will be addressed.
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