AP Human Geography Unit 1

  1. A set of processes that are increasing interactions, deepening relationships, and heightening interdependence without regard to country borders
  2. physical location of geographic phenomena across space
    Spatial Distribution
  3. worldwide outbreak of a disease
  4. regional outbreak of a disease
  5. observing variations in geographic phenomena across space
    Spatial Perspective
  6. What are the 5 Themes of Geography?
    Location, Human-Environment Interactions, Region, Place, Movement
  7. the geographical situation of people and things
  8. reciprocal relationship between humans and environment
  9. an area on the Earth's surface marked by a degree of formal, functional, or perceptual homogeneity of some phenomenon
  10. uniqeness of a location
  11. the mobility of people, goods, and ideas across the surface of the planet
  12. Belief or understanding about a place developed through books, movies, stories, or pictures
    Perception of place
  13. material character of a place, the complex of natural features, human strctures, and other tangible objects that give a place a particular form
  14. the visible imprint of human activity on the landscape
    Cultural Landscape
  15. The notion that successive societies leave their cultural imprints on a place, each contributing to the cumulative cultural landscape
    Sequent Occupance
  16. maps that show locations of places and geographical features
    Reference Maps
  17. maps that tell a story
    Thematic maps
  18. Locations determined by the frame of reference such as latitude and longitude
    Absolute location
  19. satellite-based system for determining the absolute location of places or geographic features
  20. a place in relation to other human physical features
    Relative location
  21. maps in our mind of places we have been and places we have heard of
    Mental Maps
  22. the places we travel to routinely in our rounds of daily activity
    Activity Spaces
  23. a method of collecting data or informatio through the use of instruments that are physically distant from the area of object of study
    Remote Sensing
  24. a collection of computer hardware and software that permits spatial data to be collected, recorded, stored, retrieved, manipulated, analyzed, and displayed to the user
  25. region marked by visible uniformity (ex: a desert basin, French speaking area)
    Formal Region
  26. a region defined by the particular set of activities or interactions that occur within it (ex: an urban area)
    Functional Region
  27. a region that only exists as a concepturaliztion or an idea andnot as a physically demarcated entity. (ex: "The South"
    Perceptual Region
  28. a single attribute of a culture
    culture trait
  29. a combination of culture traits
    culture complex
  30. an area where cultural traits develop and from which the cultural traits diffuse
  31. the process of an idea or innovation from its hearth to other places
    Cultural diffusion
  32. the declining degree of acceptance of an idea or innovation with increasing time and distance from its point of origin or source
    Time-distance decay
  33. diffusion in which an innovation or idea develops ina hearth and remains strong while also spreading outwards
    Expansion diffusion
  34. form of expansion diffusion in which nearly all adjacent individuals are affected
    Contagious diffusion
  35. forma of expansion diffusion in which the main channel of diffusion is some segment of those who are susceptible to what is being diffused
    Hierachical diffusion
  36. a form of diffusion in which a cultural adapation is created as a result of the introduction of a cultural trait from another place
    Stimulus diffusion
  37. the actual movement of individuals who have already adopted the idea or innovation, and who carry it to a new locale, where they proceed to disseminte it
    Relocation diffusion
  38. human behavior is controlled or determined by the physical environment
    Environmental determinism
  39. the natural environment merely serves to limit the range of choices available to a culture
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