MCB Exam 3-A

  1. Dimorphic fungi

    Ex: (2)
    • exist in yeast & mold form
    • ex: Histoplasma, Blastomyces
  2. Protozoa exist in 2 forms:
    • Cyst: transmission form
    • Trophozoite infectious; grows inside
  3. Folliculitis (pimple)

    Exists as 3 types:
    Infection of hair follicle

    • Sty
    • Furuncles: small, minor
    • Carbuncles: many, becomes one big rash
  4. Folliculitis caused by:
  5. Folliculitis virulence factors (3)
    • Enzymes: dissolve tissue
    • Structures to evade phagocytosis
    • Toxins: damage cell
  6. Folliculitis
    Image Upload 2
  7. Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome (SSSS) & Virulence Factor
    • Epidermal cells separate, skin peels off in sheets
    • Infants mostly
    • Person-person

    V factor: exfoliative toxins
  8. Impetigo & Erysipelas

    Caused by:
    Who gets it
    S. aureus or Streptococcus pyogenes

    • Person-person
    • Itchy pus vesicles
    • Mostly children-where skin is comprimised
    • 2nd has toxins- fever, rash, shock
  9. Necrotizing Fascitis

    What it is:
    VF: (3)
    Top layer of skin/muscle is digested by bacterium, can be deadly, usually skin wound; person-person

    • V-factors:
    • Streptokinases- cell fluid loss->porous cell
    • Hyaluronidase- dissolves tissues, allows spreading
    • Streptolysin S secreted- kills b cells, epithelial cells
  10. Acne caused by:
    normal G+ propionibacteria lives on skin
  11. Pseudomonas Infection is, caused by, VF

    Where found & how get it & what it is
    VF (3)
    • In soil, moist env, decaying matter
    • Often bacteria grow under surface of a burn, sometimes green from pigment
    • Destroys tissues, triggers shock, can infect other parts of body
    • Very resistant
    • VF: various adhesions, toxins, polysacc capsule
  12. Pseudomonas Infection
    Image Upload 4
  13. Cutaneous Anthrax:
    Bacillus anthracis

    How get it
    • Endospores always present in soil--> skin
    • Black lesion forms eschar
    • Animal handlers
    • Vaccine or treated w/Ciprofloxacin
  14. First human disease eradicated
  15. Smallpox stages:
    • 1. papules- reddish flat painful rash
    • 2. vesicles- fluid filled
    • 3. pustules- infected & fluid filled

    (enters via inhalation)
  16. Latent virus
    Infects, but doesn't reproduce, just stays w/host
  17. HSV-1
    • oral herpes
    • vs
    • genital herpes
  18. Chickenpox & Shingles (later & more severe stage)

    Caused by:
    Enters via ___
    • Varicellovirus (VZV)
    • Enters via resp tract w/incubation of 2-3 wks
  19. Rubella (Rubivirus)

    Enters via ___
    • Enters via resp tract w/incubation of 7-14 dys
    • Rash, swollen lymph nodes
    • No trtmt (supportive)
  20. Measles (Morbillivirus)

    Enters via ___
    Identifying feature
    • Enters via resp tract w/incubation of 8-12 dys
    • Identifying feature: spots on mouth
  21. How are fungal infections (mycoses) classified?
    By infection location:

    • Superficial- surface (most)
    • Subcutaneous- hypodermas & muscles
    • Systemic
  22. Dermatophytosis

    What it is
    How classified
    Fungal- skin, nails, hair

    • Classified by natural habitat:
    • Anthropophilic- humans only
    • Zoophilic- animals
    • Geophilic- soil
  23. Leishmaniasis

    How get it, what part of body infected
    Who gets it
    • Parasitic protozoan skin & systemic infection spread by sand-fly
    • Cause of most Gulf syndrome
    • Mostly AIDS patients
  24. Trachoma

    What causes it
    • Chlamydia trachomatis bacterium
    • #1 cause non-traumatic blindness: inoculated into babies eyes during birth; causing discharge & deformed eyelids
  25. Ophthalmic neonatorum

    What causes it
    • Neisseria gonorrhoeae
    • Inflammation of conjuctiva & cornea of newborn
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