Head/Neck/Face origin and insertion

  1. Covers top of skull from highest nuchal lines to eyebrows
  2. Elliptical muscle surrounding orbital opening
    Orbicularis oculi
  3. Medial to eyebrow
    Corrugator supercilii
  4. Vertically on either side of the nose
  5. Elliptical muscle surrounding mouth
    Orbicularis oris
  6. Muscle of the cheek attached to alveolar processes of the maxilla and mandible
  7. From: fascia of upper part of thorax

    To: lower border of mandible and lower lip
  8. Bony walls of orbit to sclera of eyeball (6 muscles)
    Superior rectus, inferior rectus, medial rectus, lateral rectus, superior oblique, inferior oblique
  9. Bony walls of orbit to skin of upper lid
    Levator palpebrae superioris
  10. From: superior mental spine of mandible

    To: radiates into tongue from tip to root. Lower fibers insert into body of hyoid bone
  11. From: entire greater horn and adjacent part of body of hyoid

    To: side of tongue
  12. From: styloid process near its apex

    To: side of tongue along entire length
  13. From: medial/sternal tendinous head: upper anterior surface of manubrium of sternum. Lateral/clavicular fleshy head: upper surface of medial 1/3 of clavicle

    To: lateral surface of mastoid process
  14. From: anterior belly-digastric fossa of mandible. Posterior belly-mastoid notch of temporal bone. Intermediate tendon connects both bellies. This tendon pierces stylohyoid and is held to the hyoid by a fibrous loop
  15. From: base of styloid process

    To: body of hyoid
  16. From: back of upper part or manubrium of sternum

    To: lower border of body of hyoid
  17. From: superior belly-lower border of the body of the hyoid. Inferior belly-upper border of the scapula, medial to scapular notch

    To: intermediate tendon connects both bellies. Tendon is held to clavicle by fascial band
  18. From: back of manubrium below sternohyoid

    To: oblique line of thyroid cartilage
  19. From: oblique line of thyroid

    To: lower border of greater horn of hyoid
  20. From: anterior tubercle of atlas

    To: body of T3. In between, attached to vertebral bodies and anterior transverse tubercles
    Longus colli
  21. From: extends between base of skull and 6th cervical vertebra. Anterior tubercles of C3-6.

    To: inferior surface of basilar occipital bone.
    Longus capitis
  22. From: anterior surface of lateral mass of atlas and root of its transverse process

    To: inferior surface of basilar occipital bone behind longus capitis
    Rectus capitis anterior
  23. From: upper surface of transverse process of atlas

    To: inferior surface of jugular process of occipital bone.
    Rectus capitis lateralis
  24. From: anterior transverse tubercles of C3-6

    To: scalene tubercle and ridge on upper surface of 1st rib anterior to groove for subclavian artery
    Scalenus anterior
  25. From: posterior transverse tubercles of C2-7

    To: upper surface of the 1st rib behind subclavian groove
    Scalenus medius
  26. From: posterior transverse tubercles of C4-6

    To: outer border of 2nd rib behind serratus anterior
    Scalenus posterior
  27. From: lower border and medial surface of zygomatic arch

    To: lateral surface of coronoid process, ramus, and angle of mandible
  28. From: most of temporal fossa and deep surface of temporal fascia

    To: coronoid process and anterior border of ramus
  29. From: small upper head-infratemporal surface and crest of greater wing of sphenoid. Larger lower head-lateral surface of lateral pterygoid plate

    To: upper head-articular capsule and disc of TMJ. lower head-neck of mandible
    Lateral pterygoid
  30. From: medial surface of lateral pterygoid plate

    To: medial surface of ramus and angle of the mandible as high as mandibular foramen
    Medial pterygoid
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Head/Neck/Face origin and insertion
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