1. What three parts of the scope management plan try to conver?
    How scope will be planned, executed and controlled
  2. Collect requirement does not only cover product scope requirement, but also project scope requirement such as performance, capacity and etc.
  3. What techniques PM should use to collect requirements (by the way the requirement gathering bases on stakehold register)?
    Interviewing -- also called "expert interviewing". The team or project manager interviews project stakeholders to identify their requirements for a specific element of product or product. This interview could be by individual or by group through email or phone.

    Focus group -- it collects specific information from a set of stakeholder or experts to get requirements for product or project. A group people share information and controlled by moderator.

    Facilitated WorkShop -- bring stakeholders together to talk about different perspectives of the project or product.

    Brainstorming -- It is not about a group people discuss ideas, but about generate ideas from one and another.

    Nominal Group Technique -- It is a group of participants rank useful ideas which are generated from brainstorming.

    Delphi Technique --A request for information is sent to expertswho participants anonymously, their responses are compiled, and the result are sent back to them for future review until consensus is reached.

    Mind Maps --

    Affinity Diagrams

    Questionnaires and surverys --used for large groups.

    Observation --

    Prototypes -- presents the prototype to stakeholders for feedback.
  4. What are techniques for decision making?
    • 1. Everyone agrees
    • 2. Dictatorship technique
    • 3. Majority approach -- more than 50%
    • 4. Plurality approach -- the largest number of supporters.
    • 5. consensus technique
  5. What is the input of Collect Requirements?
    • Project Charter
    • Stakeholder register
  6. What tools and techniques used for Collect Requirements?
    8 of them
  7. What are the outputs for Collect Requirements?
    • 1. Requirement documentation - unambigous, testable, traceable, complete, consistent and acceptable.
    • 2. Requirement management plan -how requirements will be analyzed, documented and managed
    • 3. Requirement traceability matrix - track all requiremnt changes
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