1. Arterial Tube
    An embalming instrument that is sued to inject arterial solution into the body of the deceased.
  2. Needle Injector
    a mechanical device used to impel specially designed metal pins into bone.
  3. Scalpel
    A 2 piece embalming instrument consisting of a handle and a blade used to make incisions and excisions
  4. Bistoury
    An embalming instrument which is a 1 piece scalpel used for making incisions and excisions.
  5. Aneurysn needle
    An embalming instrument that is used in raising vessels and for blunt dissection
  6. Scissors: A) Artery and vein Scissors
    small, used for cutting arteries and veins
  7. Scissors: B) Angular Bandage scissors
    Used for cutting bandages and clothign of the deceased
  8. Scissors: C) Utility Scissors
    Used to Cut tissue or ligature; 1: 2 sharp points, 2: 1 sharp and 1 dull point, 3: 2 dull points, 4: Barber shears
  9. Director/Groove director
    An embalming instrument which is used to direct drain tubes into troublesome vessels
  10. Separator/ Bone Separator
    An embalming instrument used to maintin the elevation of the vessels above the surface of the skin
  11. Hemostat/Lock Forceps
    an embalming instrument used to clam vessels
  12. Spring Forceps
    A multi-purpose embalming instrument commonly used for holding cotton swabs, wiping out and disinfecting eyes, restoration treatment and closing eyes.
  13. Extractor
    a device used to remove items from the deceased
  14. Retractor
    A general purpose embalming insturment which is primarily used to spread incisions and to afford more working room. It can also be used as aid in eyecap insertion.
  15. Towel Clamps
    A spring device used to hold a towel in place
  16. Razor
    Preparation room equipment used to shave both male and female cases.
  17. Vein Tubes/ Drain Tubes
    An embalming instruemnt which is used to aid the drainage of the blood from the body.
  18. Stop Cock
    An embalming insturment commonly used on arterial tubes to stop the flow of fluid.
  19. Goose neck
    Rubber stopper containing two tubes, one to create vacuum or pressure and the other to deliver fluid or achieve aspiration; possibly used in conjuction with a hand pump.
  20. Suturing needles
    Preparation room instruments which are used to close cuts and incisions by suturing with ligature. Types: Autopsy, Full curve, Half Curve, Loopuypt's
  21. Nasal Tube Aspirator
    Embalming instrument used to aspirate the throat by means of the nostrils
  22. Autopsy Aspirator
    An aspirator specially designed to remove fluid from the cavity of an autopsied remains
  23. Trocar
    A long hollow needle for aspirating the cavities and to inject fluid into those cavities; 3 parts: handle, barrel, and tip
  24. Hypo-valve Trocar
    A device used to hypodermically inject embalming fluid into the tissues
  25. Hypodermic needle and syringe
    Used to inject embalming chemicals and tissue builder into the body tissues
  26. Trocar Button Applicator
    Preparation room equipment used to insert trocar buttons into trocar punctures created when the trocar is inserted into the body
  27. Vein Expander
    An embalming instrument inserted into the vein for insertion of the drainage instrument
  28. Needle Holder
    Preparation room equipment used to hold suturing needles and keep them in good condition; an instrument used to hold a suturing needle while suturing
  29. Artery Fixation Forceps
    An embalming instrument whose purpose is to hold arterial tubes in the arteries
  30. Thread passer
    Preparation room equipment used to pass a ligature underneath a raised vessel
  31. Metal Cut-off/ Metal Clamp
    An embalming instrument used to stop the flow of fluids through tubing
  32. Metal Y
    An embalming instrument which permits embalming fluid to flow in 2 different directions simultaneously
  33. Cavity Injector
    An embalming instrument which is connected to a bottle of cavity fluid to aid in injecting the cavity fluid into the various cavities of the body.
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