1. Pressure Machines or Centrifugal Force Machine
    A motorized injector used to create positive pressure as required in vascular embalming
  2. Hydroaspirator
    A type of preparation room equipment consisting of a suction device which uses water pressure to create a vacuum for removing liquid materials from the body.
  3. Electric Aspirator
    Electrical suction device which creates a vacuum to remove liquid materials from the body
  4. Gravity Percolator/ Gravity Bottle
    A method of creating injection pressure which consists of a gravity bottle with tubing attached, that is suspended at a desired distance above the point of injection.
  5. Hand pump
    A hand operated, double action pneumatic pump which is used to create pressure for embalming purposes and aspiration
  6. Bulb Syringe
    A method of creating injection pressure that consists of a bulb type syringe and rubber tubing.
  7. Electric Spatula/Tissue Reducer
    Used to reduce swelli9ng of the deceased by the application of heat. It will also dry moist tissue and smooth out facial wrinkles.
  8. Hair Dryer
    Equipment used to dry the hair of the deceased and is made specifically for mortuary use
  9. Body Lift
    preparation room equipment which designed to eliminate the physical strain of moving caskets and bodies by hand.
  10. Sterilizers
    Sterilization-the complete destruction of all living organisms, including cells, viable spores, and viruses
  11. Sterilizers- a) Dry Heat
    Burning with flame; baking in an oven: 320-329 degrees F
  12. Sterilizers- b) Moist Heat
    Not always effective; used under pressure (Like a pressure cooker): Becomes very effective, work well as disinfectants
  13. Sterilizers- c) Chemical
    Most are not completely effective; work well as disinfectants
  14. Positioning devices
    Preparation room equipment for properly positioning bodies on the embalming table
  15. Tables
    a) Embalming- preparation room equipment on which human remains are placed for the embalming procedures.
  16. Tables
    b) Dressing- Prepartion room equipment which is specifically designed for the dressing of the deceased.
  17. Refrigeration unit
    A device used to keep a dead human body cool enough to inhibit bacterial activity
  18. Eyewash equipment
    a device used to continually flush the eyes with cool water for at least 15 minutes
  19. Quick wash shower
    OSHA required safety device for a realease of a copius amount of water in a short time.
  20. Sharps container
    a container used to dispose of all sharp and pointed objects used during preparation
  21. Bio-hazardous waste container
    A container used to dispose of all potentially bio-hazardous material
  22. Exhaust System
    an air movement system to effectively change the air in the preparation room to keep the formaldehyde levels below those specified by OSHA
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