Sense alt 2

  1. What is used to highlight stairways and to distinguish settings on electircal appliances. (This is to promote better vision)
    Brightly colred tape
  2. How do you speak to someone with a hearing aid?
    face them directly, speaking slowly in a normal tone
  3. excessive cerumen occluding the ear can cause what?
    conductive hearing loss
  4. name two things that help promote taste when this sensory starts to decline
    avoid blending foods and keeping the taste buds well hydrated.
  5. For acute care for the client, address the client by name, place call light within reach, use nightlight, reduce clutter does what?
    orientates the client the the environment
  6. True or false. High pitched sounds are heard easier for a hearing impaired client?
    False! lower sounds are heard easier
  7. By reducing sensory overload, combining nursing activites and reducing extraneous noise, the nurse is doing what
    controlling sensory stimuli
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