dental materials

  1. a mixture of two or more metals
  2. alloy containing at least 60% noble metals, 40% of which must be gold
    high noble alloy
  3. alloy composed of non noble metals and corrodes more readily
    base metal alloy
  4. alloy composed of metals that do not corrode readily
    noble alloy
  5. classifcation of metal based on its high cost
    precious metal
  6. special casting alloys manufactured for their compatibility with procelain that has been bonded to them at high temperature
    porcelain bonding alloys
  7. a thin covering like a thimble that serves as a substructure for a porcelain bonded to metal crown
  8. a process of heating procelain at high temperature until it fuses
  9. a process whereby particles are heated to the point that they fuse together at their borders but do not clump into one solid mass
  10. amount of stress at which a substance deforms
    yield strength
  11. firing porcelain at high temperature to achieve a smooth, shiny surface
  12. an alloy used to join tow metalls together or to repair cast mmetal restorations
  13. an alloy that has been mechanically changed inot another form to improve its properties
    wrought metal alloy
  14. to modify physical properties of a metal by heating it
  15. an alloy of nickel and titanium often used for orthodontic wires
  16. a measure of the thickness of a wire; the lower the ___ the thicker the wire (8 ___ is thicker than 16 ___)
  17. a metal or nonmetal dowel placed within the root canal to retain a core buildup
  18. post that engages the root canal surface like a screw
    active post
  19. post that sits in the prepared canal space but does not actively engange the root surface
    passive post
  20. a post cast to fit precisely in the root canal space; usually has the core attached
    custom post
  21. factory made post supplied in several sizes
    pre formed post
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