Sat Words

  1. Subjective
    formed or existing in a person's mind rather than in the world outside
  2. Upbraid
    to criticize or reproach severely; reprimand;scold
  3. Vestige
    visible trace or sign of something no longer present or existing; remaining bit
  4. Vitriolic
    severely harsh and biting, esp. verbally
  5. Wreak
    to inflict or carry out punishment, destruction
  6. Boorish
    without manners; crude: boorish behavior at the table
  7. Heinous
    hatefully evil; abominable
  8. Subjugate
    to win mastery over; force into submission
  9. Succumb
    to give in or yield to a fatal illness, superior force, temptation
  10. Utopia
    an idealied place of political and social perfection
  11. Cogent
    convincing, reasonable
  12. Dilatory
    habitually tardy or delayed
  13. Evervate
    to weaken the strength or vitality of
  14. Paucity
    smallness of amount; scarcity
  15. Sublimate
    to divert the expression of a crude impulse or desire into a socially acceptable or higher form
  16. Anomaly
    an abnormality; an inconsistency
  17. Didactic
    intended to teach or instruct
  18. Effusive
    describing unrestrained emotional expression; gushy
  19. Supercilious
    having an arogant disregard
  20. Superfluous
    unnecessary, excessive
  21. Florid
    1. describing a ruddy complexion 2. ornate, showy, gaudy
  22. Insipid
    uninteresting, unentertaining
  23. Rapport
    relationship of mutual trust or affinity
  24. Sonorous
    having or producing sound
  25. Surfeit
    an extra or excessive amount; a feeling of being too full; a surfeit of praise
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