Digestive System 1

  1. Nausea
    • Causes: meds, food poisoning, sea/morning sickness, chemo, migranes, food allergies,
    • Signs/symp: upset stomach, queezy
    • Self-care: prevent dehydration, BRAT diet, avoid certain foods
    • OTC treat: Emetrol, Bonine, Dramamine, SeaBand, Nauzene, Pepto-Bismol
    • HC prov: > 2-3 days, unable to drink fluids over 24hrs
  2. Vomiting
    • Causes: meds, food poisoning, sea/morning sickness, chemo, migranes, food allergies, bulimia
    • Signs/symp: forceufl expulsion of stomach contents
    • Self-care: prevent dehydration; BRAT diet; avoid certain foods
    • OTC treat: anti-emetics
    • HC prov: > 2-3 days, unable to drink fluids over 24 hrs, vomit red/black/green
  3. Diarrhea
    • Causes: bacterial infection, bowel disorders, viral infections, food intolerances, parasites, rxn to meds, intestinal disorders
    • Signs/symp: cramping, ab pain, fever, bloody stools
    • Self-care: prevent dehydration, BRAT, add fibers gradually, avoid certain foods
    • OTC treat: Loperamide, Bismuth Salts-Pepto Bismol
    • HC prov: dehydration, >3 days, fever>101, blood/black in stool
  4. Heartburn
    • Causes: NA
    • Signs/symp: burning sensation near heart, regurgitation,water brash, "sour stomach", dysphagia, odynophagia
    • Self-care: weight red, restict smoking/alc; avoid trigger foods, lying down, tight clothes, certain meds
    • OTC treat: antacids, alginic acid, H2 receptors, proton pump inhibitors
    • HC prov: chest pain, continuous N/V/D, extreme discomfort, black/bloody stools, pain/difficult swallowing
  5. Intestinal Gas
    • Causes: several foods (carbs)
    • Signs/symp: belching, bloating, flatulence
    • Self-care: avoid certain foods
    • OTC treat: anti-gas meds
    • HC prov: NA
  6. Constipation
    • Causes: lack of fiber, fluid, exercise; IBS, laxative abuse, lifestyle change
    • Signs/symp: inability to deficate, ab pain, passing hard/dry stools, bloating, abnormal bowel
    • Self-care: diet-high fiber, fluids, exercise
    • OTC treat: laxatives (types)
    • HC prov: sever ab discomfort, fever, nausea,> 2wk symptoms, weight loss, blood in stool/bowel changes
  7. IBS: Irrital Bowel Syndrome
    • Causes: syndrome
    • Signs/symp: lower ab pain/cramping, bloating, abnormal stool freq/consistency, headache/fatigue, depression
    • Self-care: increase fiber in diet, reduce stress
    • OTC treat: peppermint oil, iron supplements
    • HC prov: dehydration, weight loss, fever, blood/black stool
  8. Constipation OTC:
    Bulk Forming
    • Generic/Brand: Psyllium/Metamucil
    • Works: increase fecal mass to stimulate GI to push out
    • Side effects: intestinal gas
  9. Constipation OTC:
    • Generic/Brand: Senna/Senokot; Calcium of Sennosides/Ex-Lax; Bisacodyl/Ducolax
    • Works: increases intestinal movement (unknown how)
    • Side effects: BM can become dependent on laxative
  10. Constipation OTC:
    • Generic/Brand: Docusate calcium/Surfak; Docusate sodium/Colace
    • Works: stool softeners-increases water in stool
    • Side effects: not absorved into the body, diarrhea, stomach cramping
  11. Constipation OTC:
    • Generic/Brand: Mineral Oil/Fleet Enema
    • Works: coats stool with oil, making it moist/softer/easier to pass
    • Side effects: decreases absorption of fat soluble vitamins
  12. Constipation OTC:
    • Generic/Brand: Magnesium: Citrate/Citroma; Hydroxide/Phillips Milk; Sulfate/Fleet Ready Enema
    • Works: draws water into intestine which stimulates intestine movement
    • Side effects: can cause dehydration
  13. Constipation OTC:
    • Generic/Brand: Gylcerin/Fleet; Polyethlene Glycol/Miralax
    • Works: water retention in stool, resulting in a softer stool and more freq. BMs
    • Side effects: not absorved into body; rectal irritation
  14. What occurs if meds for constipation are taken longer than recommended?
    • -diarrhea
    • -vomitting
    • -fluid and electrolyte imbalances
    • -poor absorption of nutrients
    • -dependency
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