GRE Subject Test

  1. Gain-Loss Principle
    An evaluation that changes will have more effect than an evaluation that remains constant

    Aronson, E., Linder, D.

    ex. we will like someone more who has increased liking for us (shown a gain) than someone who has consistently liked us and the same for dislike
  2. Conformity
    yielding to group pressure

    Asch, S.

    Study: Lines
  3. Self-Perception Theory
    people infer what their attitudes are based upon observation of their own behavior

    Bem, D.

    used to explain Forced-Complaiance Dissonance

    developed self-perception theory as an alternative to cognitive dissonance theory
  4. Forced-Compliance Dissonance
    occurs when an individual is forced into behaving in a manner that is inconsistent with his or her beliefs or attitudes
  5. Doll Preferences
    Clark, K., Clark, M. (1947)

    results used in Brown vs. Board
  6. Social Influence
    a person's judgement will be influenced by past experiences, desires, what the person actually sees, and the influence of other people present

    1 factor that leads to non-helping
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