Shakesperan Characters

  1. Successful general and statesman said to be “the triple pillar of the world”
    Mark Antony
  2. Mercurial, selfcentered "Serpent of old Nile"
  3. Mark Antony's cold and prudent rival who seeks revenge for Julius Cesars's death but also greives at Anothony's death
    Octavius Caesar
  4. Octavius Caesar's sister who marries MArk Antony at her brothers request and remains loyal to antony after he deserts her
  5. Incestuous, murderous king of Denmark who marries his sister in law
  6. Incestuous, murderous king of Denmark called the "Melancholy DAne" after his uncle succeeds his father as king
  7. Prince of Norway who is chosen as the next king of Denmark and delivers a brief eulogy over Hamlets body.
  8. Queen of Denmark
    Hamlets mother
    wife of Claudius
  9. Polonius' daughter
    Laertes' sister
    Hamlets beloved who drowns herself
  10. Hamlets Wittenberg friend who is his confidante
  11. Hamlets friend who seeks revenge against Hamlet, blaming him for the deaths of his father and sister
  12. King Claudius' advisor
    father of Laertes and ophelia
  13. Hamlets fellow students at Wittenberg whom Claudius sends to England to kill him
    Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
  14. Senator whom Caesar describes as having "a lean and hungry look" and who out of jealousy of Caesar's power, helps inspire the conspiracy against him, then commits suicide after his own forces are defeated at Philippi
    (Caius) Cassius
  15. Caesar's wife who begs him not to go to the Capitol the day of the assassination
  16. Character who "doth bestride the narrow world like a Colossus" but in his last years has the "falling sickness"
    Julius Caesar
  17. Senator who "sits high in all the peoples hearts" and helps lead the conspiracy against Caesar in the belief that the only way to save Rome is to assassinte him
    (MArcus) Brutus
  18. Senator who delievers first blow to Caesar
  19. Caesars friend who uses his oratorical ability to stir up the mob against the conspirators
    Mark Antony
  20. Brutus' "true and honorable wife",
    Swallows hot coals and dies
  21. Person who warns Caesar of the "ides of MArch"
  22. British king who was "every inch a king" and "a man more sinned against than sinning"
    King Lear
  23. Rash, gullible, superstitous old man
    dies after being reconciled with his legitimate son Edgar
    Earl of Gloucester
  24. King Lear's eldest daughter
    inherits half of the kingdom through flattery and deceit
  25. King Lear's second daughter
    just as cunning and as devious as her older sister
  26. King Lears youngest and most beloved daughter
    "unpriz'd precious maid" whom he casts off but with whom he is reunitd before she is killed
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