Virology Togavirus

  1. Togavirus virion is ____________.
    an icosahedron with a spherical envelope.
  2. Togavirus's envelope is characterised by ________.
    Fringe projections, and glycoproteins arranged with icosahedral symmetry
  3. Togavirus's genome is _________.
    Linear (+) ssRNA
  4. Togavirus's genome features include ________.
    methylated 5' cap and a poly A tail with similiar, but opposite arrangement of flavi.
  5. Togavirus's genome is NS prot are translated __________.
    directly from the genome.
  6. Togavirus's structural proteins are translated _________.
    from subgenomic mRNA
  7. Togavirus diseases include _______.
    Rubivirus = Rubella (causes fetal abnormalities)
  8. Togavirus's distinct characteristics include ____, ______, _______, ________.
    • Subgenomic mRNA codes virion structural proteins
    • Structural proteins are Tnl as a polyprotein that undergoes cleavage and membrane association
    • RNA replication is associated with the cytoplasmic membrane
    • Lipid envelope derives from the plasma membrane
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Virology Togavirus
Virology Togavirus