Virology Flaviviridae

  1. Flaviviridae's virion is ___________.
    Icosahedral and enveloped
  2. Flaviviridae's envelope is characterised by ____________.
    Glycoproteins with icosahedral symmetry
  3. Flaviviridae's genome is _________.
    Linear (+) ssRNA
  4. Flaviviridae's genome features _______.
    a 5' cap an no poly A tail.
  5. Flaviviridae's genes are translated ___________ and ____________.
    as 1 polyprotein that is that is processed by viral and cellular proteinases
  6. NS2/3 is_________ to create ______ which is a ______.
    A nonstructural autoprotease that cleaves at the NS2/3 junction to make NS3/4 which is a bifunctional protein for polyprotein processing and RNA rep
  7. Diseases caused by Flavi include _______...
    • Yellow fever
    • Dengue Fever
    • Hepatitis C
  8. Flaviviridae's distinct characteristics include ______, ________, __________, ________.
    • Vector transmission (not hep C)
    • Major envelope protein (E1/2) is parallel to lipid membrane
    • Pesti and Hepaci have IRES
    • Virions assemble by budding at the ER and are released by exocytosis
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Virology Flaviviridae
Virology Flaviviridae