R+S terms

  1. Ineffable
    Cannot be uttered, eg. God's personal name (the Tetragrammation)
  2. Tetragrammation
    Four letter personal name of God, YHVH.
  3. Anthropapism
    Attributing human emotions to God
  4. Immanence
    The notion that God is the god of history and is intimately involved with the world and the individuals in it.
  5. Transcendence
    A theological term referring to the relation of God to creation. God is independent and different from God's creatures. God transcends creation, exists above and beyond, independent in every way. Even if the world ceased to exist, God would not. Also, God is unknowable, beyond human understanding.
  6. Paganism
    Refers to various polytheistic religions and practises of the non-Abrahamic tradition
  7. Panentheism
    From greek, "all-in-God", is the theological position that God is immanent within the universe, but also transcends it. God is everywhere but not in everything.
  8. Pantheism
    God is synonymous with the material universe. We know God through the objects God has created.
  9. Providential
    Divine care of guardianship, showing foresight and taking care in planning for the future.
  10. Sovereign
    Supreme in power
  11. Teleological
    The quality of
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