Vocab 39

  1. saga
    heroic story

    The saga of a lone man confronting the turbulent oceans in a small boat is an exploit we find laudable.
  2. belated
    late, delayed

    The ingrate refused to accept Cindy's belated gift.
  3. decrepit
    broken down, worn out

    When released from incarceration he was gaunt and decrepit.
  4. imperturbable
    calm, steady, serene

    The speaker remained imperturbable while his audience shouted caustic comments about his mendacious activities.
  5. vacillate
    hesitate fluctuate

    Since the player did not vacillate in the game, they won, and his team was happy.
  6. staunch
    strong, trusty, firm.

    She is such a staunch friend, my reprehensible actions do not cause a schism between us.
  7. opprobrium
    scorn, insult

    The coach heaped opprobrium upon the fledgling ball player.
  8. Machiavellian
    governed by opportunity, not principled

    We are ready to rationalize Machiavellian activities on the part of our side if they are to the detriment of our adversary.
  9. unconscionable
    without conscience, unreasonable

    It was unconscionable to Abraham Lincoln to keep a book he had borrowed without making tenacious efforts to return it.
  10. pandemonium
    disorder, uproar

    There was pandemonium as the presidential nominee entered the convention site.
  11. flay
    strip off skin, scold harshly

    He castigated his opponents and went to great lengths to flay them with accusations of megalomania.
  12. demeanor
    conduct bearing

    His demeanor was atypical; usually phlegmatic, he was belligerent and garrulous during the broadcast.
  13. delineation
    sketch, description in words

    Then he gave an incisive delineation of his fulsome opponents as an antiquated group, complacent about the noisome conditions in a moribund city.
  14. vindicate
    absolve, justify

    The mayor tried to vindicate his actions that had been called capricious and irrational by critics.
  15. heinous
    hatefully evil

    "The most heinous thing i have done," he said in a stentorian voice, "is eradicate the untruth that my party is not compatible with progress."
  16. turpitude
    vileness, evil wickedness

    From any facet of his life, the acme of moral turpitude was reached by Adolph Hitler.
  17. infraction

    We do not condone or tolerate an infraction of even the most trivial kind.
  18. callous

    It takes a callous person to watch with equanimity(composure) as a gullible, naive girl falls for the line of a loathsome boy.
  19. redress
    to right a wrong, remedy

    There seems to be no way to redress a grievance against at omnipotent ruler.
  20. vituperation
    blame, abuse

    How easy it is to heap vituperation upon someone at the nadir of his career.
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