Virology Poxviridae

  1. Virion Shape, Size, Envelope?
    • Complex
    • 300X250X150
    • 2 envelopes (IMV, EEV)
  2. Pox genome type?
    Closed, linear, dsDNA
  3. Special genome characteristic and why it is present?
    10 kb terminal repeat. Created during rolling hairpin replication - where concatemers are cut, same place everytime.
  4. Pox genes all have ________ and _________.
    • Own promoter
    • No introns
  5. Pox proteins are called ________________.
    Early, Intermediate, Late
  6. Pox early genes are responsible for ____________.
    Dissolving core, directing DNA rep, and intermediate gene expression.
  7. Pox intermediate genes are responsible for _________.
    Regulating late gene expression
  8. Pox late genes are responsible for _____________.
    Structural proteins, RNA pol, and RNA processing.
  9. Examples of Pox.
    Small Pox
  10. Special characteristics of pox are ______, _________, ________, ________.
    • Virus coded enzymes for transcription and RNA processing (late proteins) are packaged in core.
    • Early RNA is made in the core
    • DNA replicates in the cytoplasm using only viral proteins
    • Internal envelope is assembles de novo
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Virology Poxviridae
Virology Poxviridae