Modern Art Exam 3

  1. Image Upload 2
    • O'Keefe
    • Music-Pink and Blue
    • American Art Before World War II
    • Resembles a close up of a flower that was painted in the 1920s although many have interpreted the meaning in a sexual way saying that it resembles female genitalia.
  2. Image Upload 4
    • Kahlo
    • Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace
    • American Art Before World War II
    • Mexican Painter
    • Thought of as a surrealist
    • This painting shows her grief as she is being strangled by her necklace of thorns with a dead hummingbird.
  3. Image Upload 6
    • Pollock
    • Number 1
    • Abstract Expressionism
    • This is an example of action painting
    • oil colors mixed with black enamels and aluminum paint
    • Not completely on controlled without thought
  4. Image Upload 8
    • Rothko
    • Untitled
    • Abstract Expressionism/Color field
    • This painting was the start of Rothko's use of simple rectangular shapes, over a twenty year period he would adjsut color effects slightly to show many different color variations.
  5. Image Upload 10
    • Dubuffet
    • View of Paris: The Life of Pleasure
    • Postwar European
    • This painting has childlike characteristics which the artist was trying te explore what he called "a thousand ways to paint badly."
  6. Image Upload 12
    • Johns
    • Flag
    • Pop Art in the USA
    • Painted in encaustic, which is pigmant mixed with wax, that were built up to give the piece depth of layers.
  7. Image Upload 14
    • Warhol
    • 210 Coca-Cola Bottles
    • Pop Art
    • Known for his use of pop bottles as in this piece as well as soup cans and other commercial products.
    • Started as a commercial artist.
  8. Image Upload 16
    • Vasarely
    • Vega Per
    • Sixties Abstraction/Op Art
    • Since there are a wide range of optical effects possible in black and white most of the artists works are limited to those colors. While this piece shows the extent of the possibilities when the artist used color.
  9. Image Upload 18
    • Serra
    • One Ton Prop (House of Cards)
    • Sixties Abstraction/Minimalism
    • This piece consists of four 500lb slabs of lead that are balanced against each other, emulating a stack of cards.
    • The large scale of Serra's sculptures made it so that they were force to be exterior sculptures.
  10. Image Upload 20
    • Kosuth
    • One and Three Chairs
    • Conceptualism
    • Used a picture of a chair, an actual chair, and the definition of the chair to show that they all convey a slightly different idea of what the chair is.
  11. Image Upload 22
    • Chicago
    • The Dinner Party
    • Conceptualism/Feminist Art
    • Organized in a triangle because it is a symbol of womanhood and equality. Also used other stereotypical media such as needlework and china painting to exaggeration.
  12. The Eight
    • Christened by a New York journalist
    • Henri
    • Sloan
    • Shinn
    • Glackens
    • Luks
    • Lawson
    • Prendergast
    • Davies
  13. 291
    • More cosmopolitan that the "eight"
    • Rally for modernism
    • Core of experinmental art in USA
    • Cezanne
    • Brancusi
    • Matisse
    • Braque
    • O'Keefe
    • Demuth
    • Sheeler
    • Marin
    • Nadelman
  14. The Armory Show
    • Walt Kuhn did selection
    • Included pieces from Van Gogh, Cezanne, Manet, and Goya
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Modern Art Exam 3
Modern Art Exam 3