1. What are the 3 layers of a blood vessel?
    • Tunica interna
    • Tunica media
    • Tunica externa
  2. What is the tunica interna made up of?
    • Endothelium
    • Sub-endothelium
  3. What is the tunica media made up of?
    Smooth muscle
  4. What is the tunica externa made up of?
    • Connective tissue, nerve fibers, lymphatics
    • Vasa-vasorum
  5. What are 2 major functions of veins?
    • Return blood to heart
    • Store blood
  6. What 2 pressures determine Venous Return?
    • Pressure nearest the tissues (MCP)
    • Pressure nearest the heart (CVP)
  7. What is the definition of Central Venous Pressure?
    Pressure in the S. Vena Cava which is measured by a catheter
  8. A network of small blood vessels that supply the large blood vessels
    Vasa Vasorum
  9. What is the value of normal CVP?
    0-4 mm Hg
  10. CVP is important because it tells us two things about our system:
    • Amount of venous return
    • The ability of our heart to pump that blood into the arterial system
  11. This is the pressure in the veins nearest to the tissues
    • Mean circulatory pressure
    • 7 mm Hg
  12. When valves don’t work right, pressure builds in the veins causing them to stretch
    Varicose veins
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