L2 VTL 5 Definitions

  1. having the power, skill, time, or money to do something
  2. something that you want to succeed in doing
  3. drawing, painting, etc to make beautiful things or express ideas
    art (thing); artist (person)
  4. something that you think is true
    believe (v) belief (n=thing) ; believer (n=person)
  5. a mixture; people or things mixed or used together
    combine (v)
  6. to write the words of something; to create music
    compose (v)
  7. the act of thinking carefully about what you are doing
    concentrate (v)
  8. to show an arrangement of things
    display (v/n)
  9. to show that an opinion or idea is very important
    emphasis (n)
  10. proof; a reason to believe that something is true
    evidence (n)
  11. the act of telling or showing what you think or feel
  12. to show that something exists
    indicate (v)
  13. the ability to have an effect on someone or something
    influence (v)
  14. a responsibility to do something
    obligation (n)
  15. to show something that was not seen or understood before
    reveal (v)
  16. to make something have a particular appearance
    shape (v/n)
  17. alike; almost the same
    similarity (n)
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L2 VTL 5 Definitions
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