Level 2 VTL 4 Definitions

  1. to say yes; to make a decision with others
    agree (v)
  2. to not do something; to keep away
    avoid (v)
  3. helpful or useful
    benefit (n/v)
  4. to say something is true; demand that you have a right to something
    claim (N/V)
  5. a relationship between things, people, and ideas
    connection (n)
  6. a change because of something else
    (N)effect (V) affect
  7. strong; not ill or weak, good for your body
    health (n)
  8. to make better
    improve (v)
  9. to make something continue in the same way
    mainain (v)
  10. good for your body and health
    nutrition (n); nutrient (n)
  11. referring to one thing more than other similar ones
    particular (adj)
  12. to stop something from happening
    prevent (v)
  13. to help something develop and become successful
    promote (v)
  14. happening not long ago
    recent (adj)
  15. to control something (especially by rules)
    regulate (v)
  16. a connection between things or people (e.g. being in the same family)
    relate (v) relative (n)
  17. to behave in a particular way after something has happened or someone has done something
    respond (v)
  18. the possibility that something bad could happen
    risk (n/v)
  19. an organized way of doing something
    system (n) systematic (adj)
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Level 2 VTL 4 Definitions
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