commercial dl combo 2

  1. whn hecking the trailer emegency brakes the tractor protection control valve should be placed in what position?
  2. you have a major leak in the service line and you put on the brakes service air will escape and cause what?
    thr trailer emergency brakes to come on
  3. when you get ready to back under a semitrailer you should line up.
    directly in front of the trailer.
  4. the safety catch for the fifth wheel locking lever must be _____ for a coupling to be complete
    over the locking lever.
  5. before you back under a trailer make sure that?
    the trailer brakes are locked
  6. when coupling the proper position of the fifth wheel is
    tilted down toward the end of the trailer.
  7. when uncoupling the trailer, after you shutoff the trailer air supply and lock the trailer brakes, you should.
    back up gently to ease pressure on the fifth wheel
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