Dental Materials

  1. porcelain restorations have

    A. great stain resistance
  2. porcelain bonds to metal by which one of the following mechanisms

    C. fuses to oxides on the surface of the metal
  3. the main advantage of all ceramic crowns over porcelain bonded to metal crowns is

    D. their superior esthetics
  4. the main drawback of feldspathic porcelain for all porcelain crowns is

    A. their tendency to fracture
  5. an in offic CAD/CAM system for cermaic restorations provides all of the following advantages except one:

    D. local anesthesia is not needed
  6. the basic color of the tooth is called?
  7. all of hte following should be avoided when taking the shade of a tooth except one:

    C. neutral wall colors in the rooms
  8. all of the following materials should be avoided around ceramic restorations except one:

    D. alginate impression material
  9. the impression for a CAD/CAM crown is

    D. done by capturing an image of the prepared tooth with an optical scanner
  10. when preparing a procelain fused to metal crown the technician applies feldspathic porcelain in layers to hte metal copin. this initial layer is

    B. opaque porcelain to hide oxidized metal
  11. occasionally special porcelain stains are used on the surface of porcelain. these stains contain metal oxides and are used to

    C. mimic white spots or fine crack lines to resmeble adjacent teeith
  12. which one of the follwing statments about porcelain vaneers is false

    C. porcelain veneers are usually cemented with zinc phosphate or glass ionomer cement
  13. when assisting the dentist with taking the shade of a tooth the dental assistant should

    D. cover brightly colored clothing with a pastel neutral colored bib
  14. when one istaking photographs of the teeth to send to the dental laboratory to help convey the correct shade, what is the proper ocation for the shade tab in the photograph?

    C. in the same plane as the tooth being matched
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