Spanish reflexive verbs

  1. Acordarse (de) o:ue
    To remember
  2. Acortarse (o:ue)
    To go to bed
  3. Afeitarse
    To shave
  4. Bañarse
    To bathe, take a bath
  5. Cepillarse
    To brush
  6. Despedirse (De) e:i
    To say goodbye (to)
  7. Despertarse e:ie
    To wake up
  8. Dormirse o:ue
    To go to sleep, to fall asleep
  9. ducharse
    To shower
  10. enojarse (con)
    To get angry (with)
  11. Irse
    To go away, to leave
  12. lavar
    To wash (oneself)
  13. Lavantarse
    To get up
  14. llamarse
    To be called, named
  15. Maquillarse
    To put on makeup
  16. Peinarse
    To comb one's hair
  17. Ponerse
    To put on
  18. Ponerse (+adj.)
    To become
  19. Preocuparse (por)
    To worry (about)
  20. Probarse o:ue
    To try on
  21. Quedarse
    To stay, remain
  22. Quitarse
    To take off
  23. Secarse
    To dry (oneself)
  24. Sentarse e:ie
    To sit down
  25. Sentirse e:ie
    To Feel
  26. Vestirse e:i
    to get dressed
  27. Casarse (con)
    To get married (To)
  28. Comprometarse (con)
    To get engaged (to)
  29. divorciarse (De)
    To get divorced from
  30. enamorarse (de)
    To fall in love (with)
  31. llavarse [Bien/mal] (con)
    To get along [well/bad] (with)
  32. Separarse (de)
    To seperate (from)
  33. Cearse
    To fall (down)
  34. Darse [con]
    To bump into, to run into
  35. enfermarse
    To get sick
  36. Lastimarse {el pie}
    To injure (one's foot)
  37. Romperse {la pierna}
    To break {one's leg}
  38. Sacar(se) {un diente}
    to have a tooth removed
  39. Torcerse o:ue {el tobillo}
    To sprain {one's ankle}
  40. abrazar(se)
    To hug; to embrace (each other)
  41. Ayudar(se)
    To help (each other)
  42. besar(se)
    To kiss (each other)
  43. Encontrar(se) o:ue
    To meet (each other), to run into (each other)
  44. Saludar(se)
    To greet (each other)
  45. mudarse
    to move (from one house to another)
  46. Calentarse e:ie
    To warm up
  47. Entrenarse
    To practice, to train
  48. Mantenerse [en forma]
    to stay in shape
  49. morrirse
    to die (natural causes, figuratively)
  50. negarse (a)
    To refuse
  51. parecerse (a)
    To resemble
  52. atreverse (a)
    to dare
  53. darse (cuenta de)
    to realize
  54. jactarse (de)
    to boast
  55. quejarse (de)
    To complain about
  56. suicidarse
    to commit suicide
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