marriage and family

  1. Define marriage
    • socially approved
    • union between man and women (normally)
    • obligation and reciprocity
  2. gender division of labor theory
    universally, people get married because they can divide up the labor force between each other.
  3. bride price
    a gift of money or goods from the groom to the bride
  4. bride service
    groom workds for the brides family before and sometimes after marriage
  5. insest tabo
    • prohibits sex between certain areas of kin.
    • no mom-son, father-daughter, brother-sister
  6. dowery
    big transfer of goods or money from the brides family to the groom
  7. dowery death burnings
    the groom goes from bride to bride killing each one normally in the kitchen to call it accidental. greedy
  8. theories for insest tabbo
    • childhood familiarity theory: too close, dont want to mary brother
    • freud psychoanalytic: son is atracted to mother but is scared of fathers retaliation
    • family disruption: the house would fall apart if everyone was having sex
    • cooperation: we marry to gain allis to better community
    • inbreeding: heightens level of mutations
  9. exogamy
    not marrying someone in your community
  10. endogamy
    maying in your community
  11. leverate
    mans obligated to marry a brothers widow
  12. sororate
    womans obligated to marry a sisters husband
  13. monogammy
    only one partner
  14. polygyny
    • one women, many men.
    • very rare
  15. sororal polygyny
    sisters marry the same husband
  16. advantages of polygany marriage
    • plenty of labor
    • support
    • help
  17. 3 forms of family
    • matrifocal: just mom raising kids
    • nuclear: mom dad kids dog
    • extended: mom dad aunt grandma
  18. premarital sex
    sex before marriage
  19. fraternal polyandry
    when the husbands are brothers and married to one woman.
  20. define family
    a social and economic unit consisting minimally of one or more parents and their children
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