sex gender culture

  1. define gender roles
    hows assignments are broken down between male and female
  2. define sexual dimorphicism
    The males and females generally are different in size and appereance.
  3. compatibility of childcare theory
    womens tasks tend to be those that are compatable with childcare
  4. expendability theory
    men do dangerous work becuase its a greater loss to loose a women beucase she can make babies
  5. strength theoryy
    the freater strength of makes is the reason for universoal division by gender
  6. primary subsistance activities
    gathering, hunting, fishing, and farming
  7. secondary subsistence
    the processing and preperation of food for eating or storing.
  8. bullet point why males are normally leaders in politics
    • height
    • warfare
    • travel
    • stronger
  9. define gender stratification
    women have few rights and little influence in some societies
  10. one theory why women have high or low status
    womes status will be high when women contribute substantially to primary subsistence activities
  11. agression area
    boys exhibit more aggression and girls exhibit more responsibility
  12. the trobian islanders
    approve of pre marital sex
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