1. Bullet point 3 types of advantages
    • Wealth/economic
    • Power
    • Prestige
  2. Bullet point 3 types of societies
    • Egalitarian
    • Rank
    • Class
  3. Define class
    a category of persons who all have about the same opportunity to obtain the three advantages
  4. open class
    possibility of moving from one class to another. hopefully up
  5. define caste system
    membership determined at birth
  6. who are untouchables and brahmans?
    • untouchables are at the bottom of the hierearchy, do the dirty work
    • brahmans are at the top, like priests.
  7. define slavery
    a person who does not own their own labor. lowest class of society
  8. racism is
    the belief that some races are inferior to others.
  9. eugenics
    a program in the 1900 that sterilized women. people got infections and died
  10. ethnicity
    involves a group of people emphasizing common orgins and language, shared history, and selected cultural differences
  11. hypodescent is
    the rule that automatically assigns the children of a mixed union or mating between members of different socioeconomic groups in the less privileged group.
  12. one drop rule
    it means that if you have even one drop of african american blood then you are considered black
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